The Weather, Stargate Atlantis and that scum at SKY

Well the weather here in Kent has been  bad today as we are having a storm that has come over the sea from Canada, so it has been windy and there has been a lot of rain the news has compared it to a mine hurricane.

Oh I have now officially seen the whole season of Stargate Atlantis and I can confirm that it is one of the best yet seeing as thought the whole crew and writers are only focusing on one season. The Last Man is one of the best episodes of the season but the episode that I was anticipating was Midway but it is a shame that the station was destroyed. The midseason 2-parter that was confusing but it was good and what a way to get the three doctors alone together (Carter (she has a PHD), McKay and Keller) in Trio. Not to mention Carson’s return in The Kindred, it was one of the most anticipated by all of the Dr Beckett fans.

Now the scum at Sky are not going to get away with what they are doing for a start when Beard wierdy took over NTL: and Telewest last year it became Virgin Media, Sky took back Sky One, which is the only channel that has the rights to broadcast Stargate Atlantis, apart from Five witch can only broadcast season 1, but not only that I now cannot see Stargate: Ark Of Truth which is being broadcast on Sky One before it is released on DVD over here and not to mention that Australia have the release of the film before us and I am still waiting for the best film of 2007 to be released over here, A Dog’s Breakfast, which I do give compliments to the writer of The Kindred Part 2 for managing to get the Title in to the episode.


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