The Poison Sky and The Doctors Daughter

The Poison Sky

that was one of the best ways to conclude the two parter and the fact that Donna’s mum Sylvia was the hero at the beginning of the episode withe the big axe.the fact that the commander deffies the doctors commands not to open fire in the sontarans is evedent from the end of the 1st part but usong the engins on the valiant is a brilliant idea and using bulets that are made of steel and not copper oh that is just great. at the end is wiere the TARDIS goes haywier and takes the doctor Donna and Martha to who noes where, the next episode looks to be a good one and a confusing one.

The Doctors Daughter

now just as i thought at the end of the last episode it was slightly confusing but the doctor is now a mother and a farther in the space of a couple of secconds and it is a story of two civilisations. one of human and one of hath (humanoide fish like things) and they are at war and by the looks of it have been for some time.but at the end of the episode they find out that the war has been going on for seven days as the supteranious building work has the completion dates on them, donna once again figured this out like the fact that the workers for ATMOS had not been ill. the doctor dispised Jennie (his “daughter”) at the start of the episode but he warms up to her in the end but like “the best laid plans” she ends up being shot by the leader of the human armies andshe saves the doctors life at the same time. this is the turning point of the episode as the doctor picks up the leaders gun and points it at him he dose not pull the trigger bt insted  tells them all to build there new world on the foundations of a man that “never Would” at the end jennie partly regenerates she still has the same boddy but i dont think that this is the last time we will be seeing her.


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