C Ar B O N

OK I’m a geek and I’m proud as that was a great mix of music in This weeks Mid-Week Mobile Disco on Colin Murray’s Show On Radio1, 1 hole hour Celebrating geeks amongst us. I was not the one that suggested the idea but I was in the short list for a change with “Songs That Mention TV Shows” it is good to be noticed on the show as I do contribute a lot but I don’tget them readout but I have had a bit of comedy in the Black Hole I had the Poison Sockets clip By Peter Serafinowicz, but I will one day have a Mid-Week Mobile Disco idea that is the best and I will be recognised.

I have been playing Need For Speed Carbon and I had started playing this morning and I defeated the 3rd boss and the game crashed and there was a problem reading the disc so I had to go back to came and they changed it for me so I have got a bit further than I had and I have been listening to music all day and if you want to see what I have been listening to you can go here and I get my EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) tomorrow that’s great and I then can get more clothes that fit me as I have run out now. I was cleaning my room today and I have no idea why i was but i did and it is clean i can see a patch of floor and the cabled that were all over the floor are organized now so i can find them all witch was difficult before hand i must admit.

doctor who on Saturday looks good and i have been waiting 2 weeks for this episode due to the Euro-vision Song Contest witch was a pain in many places includin the eres, eyes and other non specified body parts but i was not watching but i cant remember what i was watching though witch could be a good thing or a bad thing i’m not sure at the moment.


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