Scilence In The Library

well this was an episode that plays on all persons Irrational fear of the dark at one point or another but the fact that the shadows are “infected” and the line about “the dust in the sun beams” witch i found a bit intimidating but i wont let it get to me now.

the “Expedition” team was a weird thing to have as there was a person there that knew the doctor but the doctor does not know her yet but he is not aloud to look in the book as it is his “Rules” from his future, but the fact that she has his sonic screwdriver could be a bad sign or a good one but as far as thinking who she is i have only a couple of options:

1. just a random person that he as not net yet

2. Captain Jack (it could be possible as he turns in to the Face Of Boe and she has the sonic gun that jack had)

3. a relitive of Rose, Martha or Donna

4. his daughter (after a regeneration or 2/3/4/5 maybe)

the vashta narada are hiding in the shadows and there is something to do with CAL and the girl witch i am having no ease in figuring out but the fact that the logo on the computer terminals in “The Library” and it is on the floor of the room the girl is in so i think there is a connection there but the gohsting on the sutes is one of the worst thing in the whole episode but the next part it is all to become clear and the answeres will be questioned i think in true doctor who fassion.



2 Responses to “Scilence In The Library”

  1. 1 The Doctor
    Thursday 05th June 2008 at 17:11 UTC

    Yes, that was a very intriguing episode to watch. It has not yet come out here in te US, but then again, next weeks episode is the one with the Giant wasp, agatha christie, and the thief called the unicorn. But I have seen all of them, (I have resources in the UK). and I thought that the whole “The real world is a lie, the library is real and there are people trapped there” was sort of Matrix like, even the music was very dark. And then there were the Vashta narada. It was all very fun to watch. OOOH and the girl being able to see the library in her mind through a securtiy camera, and the camera saying what she says, and her being able to hear the sonic screw driver when she is not using the camera.

    I am very much waiting for the Dead forest.

    Good luck with waiting

    The shadows are moving again.

  2. 2 wowsteadyon
    Saturday 07th June 2008 at 15:32 UTC

    This episode was the best so far, ive watched it back twice on iplayer. the vashta narada are truely the stuff of nightmares, brilliant!
    by the way, its more than likely that in tonights conclusion the girl turns out to be the index core at the centre of the planet and something has gone wrong which is why she doesnt know whats happening. also, the people from 100 years ago and donna have all been “saved” and i bet they are in the index core with the little girl. well, we will see tonight.

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