Turn Left

Crossing a market on a planet of strangers, What could possibly go WRONG?

now this was the return of Rose Tyler and what a way to return to help guide Donna on how to save the Parallel world that had formed around her and then how to change decision that was to turn right and create the parallel world and the doctor dies or turn left and work at H C Clements and meat the doctor.

the episode starts on a planet that has an Oriental market these with banners in Chinese and posters and you see the doctor and Donna enjoying the atmosphere and the product that are on sale. Donna walks on and is approached by a fortune teller and is offered a reading for free who can refuse that. when the teller asks about the doctor and how she met him, she was told to change the choice she made for her job and at that exact time a beetle attached its self to her back and thus the time lines were changed in a parallel world that was created at that time but this change and not meeting the doctor harshly affected the world and as she did not become the temp at H C Clements and she was the one that stopped the doctor when confronting the Racnoss so he died and this meant that the doctor was not there to save the hospital and then Martha Jones Died and as the doctor and her did not go to the end of the universe with jack  an this caused the Master to die at the end of time and existence and as the doctor was not on the Titanic when it was falling to earth well Buckingham palace to be precise the Queen died as did anyone that stayed in London as the Nuclear storm drives irradiated the south east of England witch meant I died (wow can you imagine that) and then as the doctor was not there and as London was not inhabited the Adipose killed millions of Americans instead and then the stars started to go out and Donna was ready to go with rose and change the time-lines and as Rose had stated Donna was going to die. UNIT had control of the TARDIS and they had been able to retro fit a working time machine and they sent Donna back and she had 4 minuets to stop her from Turning Right and as she was over half a mile away when she was close she stopped her self the only was she could but causing a traffic jam by sacrificing her self and then Rose came and told her to tell the doctor two words and these words were “BAD WOLF” and when she returns to the present (well i say the present i mean the future) and he fortune teller scarpers and the beetle died and the doctor appears and then the Truth about the beetle is reveled as part of the Trickster’s Crusade and it caused tiny changes to a persons history and the universe would compensate but in the case of Donna it created a new world a new world and the parallel universe and the fact that Rose told Donna To tell the doctor “BAD WOLF” this told him that the walls of the universes are going to brake and cause the end of the universe and when the doctor exited the tellers stall and looked outside every thing had changed to “BAD WOLF” and this is bad.

there were links to the spin offs in this episode as Sara-Jane Smith and her son Luke and his friends Maria and Clyde all died trying to save the earth from the plasmavore and Captain jack, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones died stopping ATMOS and the Sontarans. the Tricksterwas in The Sara Jane Adventures and spoke of the chaos that would encyst if the doctor would be gone but that was his whole existence but here in this story it is from the Christmas that he would have met Donna.

if i am correct as martha did not help jack but by what i have gathered Tosh and Owen still died by the the hand of Gray.

but you see that by changing one simple choice that you made in you past can cause the unraveling of the hole of time and space.

so next week the real return of rose and the return of martha and the return of Captain Jack Harkness and the Return of Sara Jane Smith and the joining of torchwood three’s Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones and the Joining of Sara Jane’s Son Luke Smith and his friends Maria and Clyed and this is a big thin by involving all of them in a fight against another return and this is a big one the return of Davros.

so what will happen and how will the end of the universe be stopped and davros defeted we will find out next week.


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