Back To College

This is the second day back at college and it has been OK and this is the 1st assignment task.

Day 1

I started at 13:00 and it was all OK there are a lot in the class and there is only just enough computers for us all so it will be a nightmare when they start to over heat witch will inevitably happen over time like last year, and i found out that i would have Carol and Sheila again and this is the 1st time that i have had Lucy as a teacher. I met most of the class in the “Ice Breaker” task and then we went on the computers and started using Microsoft office 2007 (the Thorn in my side for the last year!!), after that we looked at the Timetable for the rest of the year, Mondays off (yes!!! this was the worst day for me over the last couple of years) and then Tuesdays and Wednesdays i start at 13:00 (yay half day) and then full days for Thursdays and Fridays. after that we looked at the course hand book and there is a lot of information to look over, then it was the end of the day.

Day 2

Started once again at 13:00 but as i was coming in the gate half an hour early with my bike i saw some friends that are in the other group (i was out of breath as i had just cycled in from Gillingham) when i got in i started i took half the group to the library for the introduction there and when i got back the other half went and we got the same introduction to the work when they got back, i started this section of the blog for the assignment.


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