Day 3

OK it is the 3rd day i have been home for about an hour but this morning i did over sleep a little so i was at college just under the wire this morning, i walked in to class just after my name was called on the register so that was very close, but the work with Carol this morning was easy as it was stuff that i had done last year on the BTEC First Course so i was able to help one of the others in the class (one of the new ones) with the Wiki so we took it in turns to edit it as there were 2 types of hardware on the page so it was easy, then there was the task where i had to do some drawing (that’s the 1st pic i have drawn for a long time) of how a computer keyboard works and i had a slight bit of difficulty as the website that i used didn’t help that much. i had a 2 hour lunch and that was so boring that i hope hat it is not the same every week. After lunch i went to the next class with Lucy and we were all on time but she was almost 30 mins late so tomorrow we get to leave early as the last lesson has been canceled so we get to leave at about 11:00 so that should be fun.


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