Day 4

So we have hit the ground running so to speak we have got an assignment for Lucy and some work for carol to do so I am going to be very busy over the weekend completing college work.

Very Quiet Phone

I really need a new alarm clock as my phone is not loud enough to wake me up as that is now 2 days I have been late and this time it was by 10 mins (I know that is so like me but I am trying to be on time every day).

We have been creating images in MS Paint which despite it being a very basic program is quite difficult to do so but I am part way through the image and it will be up on the blog soon. When it has been completed currently (in Sheilas lesson) and once I have finished this entry I have a bit of work to do for her explaining what a Blog is and the difference between a Blog and a Vlog, apart from the obvious answer that they are on different sites and the 1st letter (that would have been the 1st guess of mine but I can’t use that).

Well I am going to get wet on the way home as it has just started raining (typical British weather).

After this lesson I can go home as the last lesson has been canceled and then I have Monday off and on Tuesday i start at about 12:30 so half day (yay lye-in) and I suppose that the next entry will be on Tuesday in Sheilas next lesson.


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