Week 5 – GOD BWAH!!!!

OK i have started the 5th week and i am still not well but i am back at college

yesterday i came in and handed in the assignment that i missed the hand in and Sheila has said that i now have till Friday and i have to go and see CAST after college to arrange help in class.

Kim is ill as well today so we did not have her lesson so we had to find other things to do in the time we had off so it was a very creative day today.

Tim is currently being a bit of a loon as he found a happy meal R2-D2 in McDonald’s at lunch and wont leave it alone and has started singing the Adams Family tune (or the new Tetly-Tea tune) so i am probably going to thump him very soon and very HARD.

We also played a bit of football on Jacksons Field and the team i was on first won and then when we changed the people on the teams the team i was on lost (Just) but there was an odd number so it was only fair.

Now i have to do some work for Sheila so that I can pass this unit and pass the course.


1 Response to “Week 5 – GOD BWAH!!!!”

  1. Tuesday 07th October 2008 at 15:45 UTC

    doo doo doo dee daaa doo doo doo dee dee darr dee dee dar doo doo deee, duuuum tap tap, duuum tap tap duuum duuum dummm tap tap.

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