Week 5 – Pain and Suffering for all


so a round up of the week

The Kent Air Ambulance

The Kent Air Ambulance

There was a car crash on Tuesday and the air ambulance was on Jacksons Fields when i was on the way in and just after i had locked my bike up i watched it take of and at the end of the day there was a heart attack (i don’t know who, i am just going on info from my friends and others).



Wednesday was a busy day and i had done a lot of work and in key skills we had an actual letter for a job application and we had to re-write it so that it was correct and that was OK. Then with carol Moodle went down so it was difficult to do the work and we ended you with paper copy’sof the work wich was easier that using the computers to do it.

Me (looking like a MUG)

Me (looking like a MUG)


On Thursday we started looking at the utilitys of a computer and we installed programs on to the computers and just after we set the computer up Tim changes the resolution so that the computer can’t handle and it took half an hour to sort out (all Hail Neil, The Saviour of the hands on work). in Lucy’s lesson i had my photo taken and we started another task in comparing vector and bitmap graphics.


TORCHWOOD (Compression task Immage for Lucy)

TORCHWOOD (Compression task Image for Lucy)

That just leaves Friday, already i have been working on an assignment task this morning and then with sheila i was doing some work and i had to hand in her assignment (again) but this time i hope that it is a bit better. After a long lunch break we had Lucy again and we were working on the work we started on Thursday.

On Tuesday next week i have to come in early and see CAST for help in lessons and with the assignments so that they make sense and have the correct spellings.


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