And on the…. No way, it is only the 6th of December!

so we are December now and it is so cold. i have now come down down with a cold and i looked in the miror and the reflection ran away.

i have got the MERIT for the Blog in unit one so i am happy

next wednesday i am going to the doctors in the afternoon so i am going to miss college 

but it is only a half day and i have passed sheilas work mostly and carols is well nearly there

i have just found out a couple of people that have the same birthday as me and my mate paul one of them being James May

James May
James May

but i supose that it is not as bad as dad he shares his with Amy Winehouse  but hay i dont care.

speaking of Paul here he is with a  Porsche

Paul with a Porsche

Paul with a Porsche

this was a bit of college work for an assignment but i thought i should share it with the world

i have been watching bill bailey in his new DVD tinselworm 


Bill Bailey - Tinselworm

Bill Bailey - Tinselworm


Bill Bailey - The Collectors Edition

Bill Bailey - The Collector's Edition

i do want The Collector’s Edition with all of his DVDs in but maybe for christmas


oh  am campaining to get Nickleback’s new single Something In Your Mouth to be released over hear as it is aparantly “Too Racy” for us brits to handle but it is not though is it please show your support by going hear.



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