Merry PGP


Bill Bailey - Tinselworm

Bill Bailey - Tinselworm



ok so i may have been watching Bill Baily a bit too much but he is a brilliant comedian.

for those that have not seen Tinselworm PGP is the Primerry Gifting Period (christmas)  

i have started to call Christmas the PGP for a while now and it is better, shorter and is accurat as to one of the factors of this time of year.

so i am better now as a couple of weeks ago i was not that well and i had to have time off college. i did go back for the last couple of days and it was fun.

so today i am going out to strood at about 10:30 to see my the majority of my family. 

i opened the last door on my Advent callender yesterday but it dose not matter as i will be getting quite a lot of choclate later as well as the presants witch i will but a list up later so i can shere with the world.

i am lookng forward to watching the new episode of Doctor Who and i am currently in a campaign to get David Hewlett as the next doctor but the fans of ritchard hammond want him in the role so it may bo to him

ok so i am signing of now and just for the record i am still asleep when this was posted as i wrote this over December


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