Programing, Animation and Spredsheets

Ok so i have been back at college for almost a week and so far i have started three new Units, UNIT 6 – Advanced Spreadsheet Skills, UNIT 18 – Principles of Software Design and Development and UNIT 26 – Computer Animation.

Unit 6

Started on Tuesday and it is fun at the moment as the work is not that hard but it is taxing .

Unit 18

this is fun ath the moment but it is difficult for me as  have dyslexia so i make mistakes  but i have created 5 programs in C already today

Unit 26

i am very good at this as it started off today using Macromedia Flash 8 witch i have used lots of times and i am one of the best in the group but that has its down sides as it means that i am constantly being asked for help but i don’t mind as it is similar as to when i was doing DiDA(Diploma in Digital Applications) back at RNS and i was the only person at the hole school that knew how to use it (not even Mr Brown knew how to use it) but like now i did help and i tough Tom how to use it and he then helped a couple of others but there were still only a handful of people that did know how to use it.

well tomorrow i am back doing units 6 and 26 so fun all day.

oh and it is not that long till my birthday (16/01/1991) and i will be 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(I’m working on a cocktail and it’s called Grounds For Divorce)


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