Last week: Windows 7 and My 18th Birthday

Preview Pain

Preview Pain

WMP - Library

WMP - Library

WMP - Now Playing

WMP - Now Playing

“Hello There from Windows 7 Beta 1”

Well i am in the beta test for Windows 7 and i am realy liking it. It is a lot faster the Windows Vista and there are some minor changes that make a very big differance to the feel of this Operating System. there is a new version of Windows Media Player and the Tackbar has been merged with the Quick launch toolbart so that you can pin applications to the Taskbar and there is the addition of the improved visual previews of the open windows. there is also the option to see the desctop so that it makes the windows compleatly transparent. where Windows Vista Ultimate had DreamScene Windows 7 dose not but you do have the option to have lots of backgrounds and have them change in intervals from 30 seconds up to once a day.


What is the FIRST sign of Madness?

Suggs Walking up your Drive.

(Thank you to Mr Stephen Fry for that one)



Bill Bailey - The Collectors Edition

Bill Bailey - The Collectors Edition

Doctor Who - DVD Files - Part 1

Doctor Who - DVD Files - Part 1

Doctor Who - Season 2 Volume 2

Doctor Who - Season 2 Volume 2

Wi-Fi Router for the DS

Wi-Fi Router for the DS

On Friday (16th January) it was my 18th birthday and had a relitivly good day.

i started by leaving my keys at home so i had to go back home to get them so i could lock my bike up so i was late for college as well. 

After college i had dinner with some family and got some presents and cards then i went home and five mins after i arrived Fish turned up for the “Party”, and then Tom arrived and Jordan was the last to arrive and we had a couple of drinks and played some Guitar Hero III. Towards the end we were on the Interweb (Internet to those not in the know) and watched some music videos and then this:

oh and this:

The last couple of days i have been watching Bill Bailey and Doctor Who as well as playing Halo at Tom’s and playing games online on my DS .


“Yes” Carl, Yes Man

Based on the book by Danny Walliace

Before i forget i have seen Yes Man and it is a brilliant film.


(I’m a Cat i’m a Kitty Cat, and i meow, meow, meow, and i meow, meow, moew)


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