Red Nose Day 2009


Red Nose Day 09

Red Nose Day '09


Comic Relief

Comic Relief

I have decided i am going to “Do something funny for Money” this year for Comic Relief.

I have chosen to do a sponsored Bicycle ride for Red Nose Day.

I have not sorted it all out yet, so I still need to decide on how far I am going to go and the route I will go and where this will lead me but I know that it will be sorted in the next couple of days.

I will be Twittering and Blogging about everything I do (Decisions, choices, etc) leading up to the event on the Saturday (14/03/2009) after Comic Relief.

There was a small list of things that I could have done like:

  1. Get a Hair Cut
  2. Sponsored Silence
  3. The bike ride
  4. A complete week in college

So I chose the Bicycle ride as it will get me exercises and it will be good for me.

I have setup a RND (Red Nose Day) sponsor page on there site so that people can donate and sponsor me online and I will also have a sponsor form as well.

All of the money I raise will go to a good cause and will save lives and improve them as well.

RND Fact:

£5 could buy a malaria bed net


The BT Red Nose Climb

The BT Red Nose Climb

I have donated money to the Red Nose Climb, I did a text donation of £1 wich will help and as TESCO says “Every Little Helps” so as Moyles is going up Mt Kilimanjaro the ride will help raise more money.

I hope that you do something for RND.


(It’s got to be worth a few Quid?)


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