And now…. Kerrang Radio Changes

Well I have started the summer holidays and it has been a week and I am quite bored, there are a few reasons for this boredom.

  1. I have nothing to do
  2. I can’t find work
  3. I have no money
  4. Emma Scott has left Kerrang! Radio
  5. Nick Margerison has left Kerrang! Radio
  6. and The Night Before is no more
The Night Before

The Night Before

Well I have been a Kerrang listener for a few years now and I have been an avid listener to The Night Before with Nick Margerison for just over a year and this week saw the end of it, I am sad to see it go as this was the best show that Kerrang has done and it is the only show where I have felt that I can speak my mind and not look like a blathering idiot. I have made one of the biggest contributions to The Big Show as I was the one that started #HowAreWe on twitter, this is the only Hash Tag that i have started that has court on and it is becoming ever popular with the old Night Before cult. I have been a caller on the show covering many topics from the starting of the Hash Tag to attempting to have a moan at El Presidente, Matt only failed due to the Thought experiment in which One is not allowed to say the word the is a letter between H and J, yes I is the word and the experiment is long over ( I lasted 4 days due to the fact that I was close to a mental breakdown), but I have found the show to be the way that I have stayed 3 steps ahead of the world on the big storys.

Loz Guest

Loz Guest

Sinning Henri

Sinning Henri

Loz Guest is the presenter that is replacing The Night Before and his partner Kristian Stephenson is another that has left Kerrang, the replacement for Kristian and Loz is Singing Henri.

Emma Scott

Emma Scott

Luke Wilkins

Luke Wilkins

Emma Scott is being replaced by Luke Wilkins and Amy Jones is now doing Sunday Breakfast.

Amy Jones

Amy Jones

Plans have been put in place to preserve The Night Before as a number of podcasts have been uploaded Here.


(An Official Discordian Pope)


2 Responses to “And now…. Kerrang Radio Changes”

  1. Friday 10th July 2009 at 17:50 UTC

    yeah, my ears have been left at a loose end recently aswell.

    not sure why nick hasnt updated his blog, lazy git. hope he gets to do something similar some place else, ill follow him. i really like his show.

    i would love to know what happened at kerrang to prompt all the changes

    great work with the show archive, remember i still got the last 80 shows to get to you some how.

    anyway, i know this isnt much of a help but if you like alternative media there are still lots of shows on the web, most of them lacking hte charm that TNB has… had.

    anwyay im helping there, am setting up my own alternative news/media podcast (im a pretty well established podcaster as it is) its going to be available from here.. http://rabbitholeexpress.blogspot.com/ as well as other places like Mevio and http://www.Tamworthgamers.co.uk

    great blog (even thought im not a fan of wordpress, I’m a blogspot kinda guy) keep up the good work. (us TNB lsiteners are endangered now, we gotta stick together)

    – hex

  2. 2 Jack
    Monday 20th July 2009 at 09:03 UTC

    Iv heard one of the replacement shows instead of the Night Before.. Sadly to say it was rubbish.. just usual music.. if i wanted to hear music for hours id wait till 1am with Johnny Doom much better stuff.. I still dont get why they cancelled it probably because of money…>.<

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