Hello There, Long Time No See

MMMM how are we?

Hello there how are you? I am once again saying this at the start of a blog post as I have been “Twittering all over MyFace and TubeSpace”, once again.

So here I go with the main blogging part:

I have recently discovered (I was late night Googling) TROCK (Time-lord Rock) and this was “Created By” Nerimon, and what TROCK is is songs about Doctor Who, this is brilliant it is like saying I want to watch Doctor Who but I would like to listen to music at the same time. there is a band of 4 youtube users (Nerimon, Charlieissocoollike, Cowinparachute and  Littleradge) and this is called Chameleon Circuit.

I like all of the Chameleon Circuit Tracks on the album, (just for the record (get it) I do not have a copy as I can not afford to purchase the physical CD or pay for the MP3 tracks, I have listened to them in various places but mostly the iTunes samples), but there are a couple that stand out from the 10 on the album:

  • An Awful Lot Of Running
  • Blink
  • Exterminate, Regenerate
  • Count the Shadows

So here are the videos on youtube for, An Awful Lot of Running (this is the Official vid) and Blink (Charlieissocoollike demo version) :

There is a video of Charlie’s that I am liking at the moment and here it is:

I think that this is so funny and I cant stop watching it.

Yesterday I Re-Uploaded a video on to youtube and here it is:

While I am on the subject of Youtube I have created a new user account, Stargatefreek0275 will still be running but this will be for my Fanvids but the new account is for my (soon to be) new Vlog, I have been thinking of starting a Vlog since the start of College back in September(2008) but it is only now that I am going to be starting one. I did attempt to start at the beginning of the week but it was just an EPIC FAIL as everything went wrong. It started with the fact that my webcam (even though it has a built in Microphone) is unable to record Video & Audio at the same time, this is stupid!!!!

Then I tried my Mobile phone to do this but the quality was awful so i have given up until I can use (or get a better) Digital Camera to do it. Here is the user name of the new account: DCS340

I have made an E-Mail account so that the readers of this blog (if I have any regular ones (please let me know)) can E-Mail me and if you are lucky you may get a mention in a Blog or a Vlog and you will receive an actual reply from ME.


My Guitar

My Guitar

My Plectrums

My Plectrums

I have (once again) started to learn the Guitar, this time I am having a better time that before and like the 3 times before I am doing it “all by my self” (isn’t that the lyrics to a song?) and i an having more luck than the other times as I am learning to play a song that is quite simple in comparison toe the previous ones.

If you would like to know, I am learning: “An Awful Lot of Running” by Chameleon Circuit.

Me (as a cartoon)

Me (as a cartoon)

Me (as a cartoon)

Me (as a cartoon)

The TARDIS (as a cartoon)

The TARDIS (as a cartoon)

Well like with all things that I do there is a reason for them and most of the time it is, and i Quote: “‘Cos i was bored” but however that is one of the reasons for this but there is another reason but that will be revealed soon (hopefully). All that i will say at this time is that they are bart of a larger project.

I am happy with them allthough the roof of the TARDIS is not quite right and I did endup giving up. With the cartoon of me, it is actualy been created to scale (hight wise reay) and it is now being used as my display pictures and from the feedback that I have recieved people are liking it so I will be tweaking it when I need to change my display pictures in the future.

I am going to go and practice the Guitar and twitter some more.

Bye *waves*


(And an awful lot of running to do.)


1 Response to “Hello There, Long Time No See”

  1. Thursday 25th February 2010 at 06:36 UTC

    I kind of agree with what they were saying just not as direct

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