Blogging good fun

well i am going to start to blog every day this month, no reason at all just to see if i can do it.

i have had an interesting couple of weeks since the last post.

I had a look round the mew college Campus and i saw a band i like play live.

went to a friends 18th and he is of to Uni in a couple of weeks so i wont see him for a while.

going to sheppy tomorrow to see family, hope that i don’t miss the return train.

i have re-arranged my bedroom again and now it is a lot better but i meed to get myself an office chair so i can use the computer properly. i am currently sitting on the floor and it is quite uncomfortable.

i start college in just over a week then i will have more to do, i am working on my new website. it is still in the initial stages but it is getting there.

I don’t have to wait long for Stargate Universe, only a month for america and i have to wait till the 6th of october.

ok i am going to go now and kidnap the cat that has been anoying me for the last couple of days so ill leave you with a stargate Atlantis Quote:

Cetus: What were you doing in the flooded sections of the city?
Major General Jack O’Neill: The backstroke… I think.
Talus: What were you planning?
Major General Jack O’Neill: Well I was planning to retire, but man is that over rated. You know I’m not a workaholic or anything but, I need to stay active… you know, in the community… it’s a health, maintenance sort of thing.


(I don’t know the meaning of the word. …¬†Seriously… Impudence… What does that mean?)


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