New Year, New Me

Hello there.

So it is now 2010 and this is my 1st blog post for this year.

Not much has happened so far for me but it is about to get a little bit manic as I go back to college tomorrow (04/01/2010) and I start 3 new units.

I am keeping with my Resolutions, hence this blog post. Yesterday I had a bit of a bike ride into Chatham and I cycled back (that was the killer). I may have a ride around tomorrow or I may have a walk.

I watched Avatar online last night and that is one hell of a good film, I had a small problem with it though as the Subtitles were in German and I have little knowledge of that language but I hope to change that, but I may have to pay to see it in the Cinema in 3D as it is that good.

Every Christmas I get a calender and for the last 3 years (2007/08/09) I have been Recycling them and using the Images as posters, here is the 2009 Callender and in the Mirror you can see some from 2007 and 2008:

Stargate Atlantis Calender 2009

I am Still trying to read Friends Like These by Danny Wallace but I have just not had the enthusiasm to read at the moment but I have been watching Season 5 of CSI:NY which I borrowed from the Library, and listening to the CDs I bought at Bluewater.

I have found that I have started to be come Nocturnal which is going to be fun for Monday as I have to be up early as I start at 09:30.

I am signing off now and i may Blog tomorrow but it is unlikley but I will post soon as it is a New Years Resolution.

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Also you can ask me Questions: http://formspring.me/stargatefreek


(I have a big Secret, can you guess what it is?)


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