What Colour is Rain?

It has been sometime since I last updated my blog, there is a reason for this, for the last two weeks I have been without the internet.

I am back now so I will update you all on my life over the last 20 odd days.

I have started listening to the Soundtracks for Battlestar Galactica, Caprica and Stargate Atlantis. I have always liked the music from these shows and in my opinion it is the soundtrack that makes the show. I have also started listening to the band “Embassy” (they are the ones that were used in the Promo for SGU).

At the start of February I started to hear back from the University’s I have applied for.

I have a conditional Place for Uni of Wales, Newport and I have to attend an interview in April for Staffordshire Uni.

I have also been invited to Newport to have a visit to the Uni next week (17th February) or at the start of March (3rd March), there is only one problem with this, I don’t have the money to get to Wales at this short notice, I only got the letter today (10/02/2010) so I don’t know what to do.

I have a friend, and his name is Paul and he is a complete idiot, the other day (05/02/2010) it was snowing and he came out with the question “What colour is the Rain?”, to which he was greeted with a great deal of laughter and he then went back to work, later on as we were leaving college he walked into a door that said “Pull” he tried to push it, and it turns out that it was the 5th time he had done that, that day, I feel really sorry for Paul but this had to be bloged about as it was the most interesting thing that happened.

That is pretty much what has happened to me over the 20 odd days and I will be blogging soon, I promise.


(Why is it that I can be open and honest with people on the internet and I can’t with people that I know in real life?)


1 Response to “What Colour is Rain?”

  1. Tuesday 23rd February 2010 at 11:06 UTC

    What colour is rain? that’s one of those wonderfully deep things that people say without realising it, is rain a reference to the weather or a mood? rain makes allot of people sad (seasonal affective disorder, SAD) so maybe rain is blue. but then again famed blues singer John Less Hooker once said that the Bules where the colour of whiskey. so who knows….

    To be honest as rain is made up of cloud purified water I am pretty sure is clear and colourless. a better question would be what colour are mirrors? as they are not clear but take on the colour of the reflection, do they have a colour?

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