I Am NOT Mile Ready

Hello there, once again I am updating you with the events of the last three or so weeks as I have been rather busy with college.

I had a Lovely day in Newport, South Wales on the 3rd of March, it was a long day as I was up at 05:30 in the Morning and there were delays on the trains to London as there was a fire in the London Bridge area that morning so the trains were more packed that the usually are that early in the morning, in hindsight I should have waited for the High-Speed service to St Pancrus International rather that the Victoria as the Tickets were for the High-Speed service. It was a nice walk through Hyde Park to Paddington and a nice trip to Newport but Idid happen to get lost in Newport trying to find the Allt-Yr-Yn Campus, although I thought that I was lost I actually wasn’t but I had take the long rout there and it was 2 miles exactly and took nearly an hour rather than the 15 minutes that I should have taken on the direct rout.

I didn’t stay in Newport for that long after the visit had ended as the fire in the morning was still causing problems in London hours later. My dad, who went with me, got us lost in London on the way home after spending the 2 and a half hour train journey from Newport standing up. We did get Back into Gillingham at around just after 21:00.

The day after I saw my friend Tom and thanks to him I have started listening to a band called “Streetlight Manifesto”.

Last Monday (08/03/2010) I played Pool, Snooker and Darts with my friend Tim and all week my right arm was almost completely dead. FYI I lost every Frame of Pool and Snooker as I let Tim win, Tim also won every game of Darts as I am really bad at Darts.

Last Friday I Completed the game that I have been Programming over the last 3-4 weeks so I am happy with that and everything works on it and it can only JUST be completed. Hopefully I will Publish it to the Greenfoot Gallery so you all can have a look at what I have created.

Next Friday (26/03/2010) is my friend Fish’s birthday and he is having a party, it is also a house warming Party as he and his partner have just moved in with their son. Now I will be going to the party but I will probably regret going as there is the high chance that when Fish has any amount of alcohol he will divulge sensitive information of the personal kind about Me as this has been the case at the last 3 times that I have had a drink with him. Now the information that he announced on those occasions was a little personal but I was slightly embarrassed by it and it is not going to be relieved on my Blog. Back in January I confided in him something that is going to be Out there sooner or later but there is the very high chance that he will Out the information before I am ready to inform more people to it.

I have mentioned what I confided to Fish in one of my Posts as the bit in the Brackets in this post.

Also Big News Tomorrow (17/03/2010) I will be Running a Mile for Sport Relief hence the name of this Post. this will be more exhausting the the 26.9 Mile cycle that I did last year but I will let you know how I got on in my next post.

Till then however, keep safe.


(“I have a Gun in my hand but the gun wont cock, my finger is on the trigger but the trigger seams locked, i cant stop staring at the Tick-Tock clock, even if i could i would never give up.”)


1 Response to “I Am NOT Mile Ready”

  1. Tuesday 16th March 2010 at 20:25 UTC

    Hi my friend, your blog is cool and usefull for me. i will follow u!

    Thanks and a gift for you!


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