Well its About Time (AGAIN)

So once again I have found that I have been neglecting to blog as I have been updating people about my life on Twitter so I thought that I would have a go at Blogging again.

Work Experience

In the last week before Easter I did Work Experience as an infant school and this was a really good week and I wish that I could have done another week as I really enjoyed it. There was only one down side to this is that there wasn’t anything IT related that I could do so I spent the time doing  System Maintenance on the computers like Disc Defragmantation and Disc Cleanup and helping out where ever I could.

Easter Holidays

I have had a boring two weeks off for easter and I can not wait to go back to College on Monday.

I have however played some pool and some Darts with a friend during the holiday and I have had my hair dyed. It is not Blue but the colour is a dark Blue and that and the combination of my dark hair before hand have made it come out looking like it is Black but in the right light you can see the Blue.

I have Bought Caprica The Pilot on DVD and I have bought yet more clothes (I need to be stopped) and one of the items of clothing that I have bought is a Shirt.

So at the moment I am 3 episodes into the second half of the first season of SGU (Stargate Universe) and it has to be said that the slow build up of episodes 101-110 have really payed off.

Also I have found that I am Liking the new series of Doctor Who more than I thought that I would but I am not really liking the new Daleks as they are too big.

Next Week

I am interested to see how my hair goes down at college as i have only told one person at college that it is Blue so that could be Intermeresting.

Next Wednesday I have an interview at Stafford Uni and I am Traveling up there on my own and I have to leave Gillingham by Train at 05:50 in the morning to get to Stafford with enough time to find the Uni. It is going to be fun and I hope that I don’t get lost.

I think that we are all cough up with my life now and I will bid you all Good Day.

As always there are more updates on Twitter.


(OMG I can’t keep this hidden much Longer)


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