Christmas Eve

So this is Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow I am at my Mums but what I am blogging about started the other week.

lets go back:

13th December

I applied for a job at a new Tesco store in Sittingbourne. I wasn’t expecting to hear back but i did later on that day and I was invited to an interview.

15th December

I dressed in my Sute, Ironicly it came form Tesco its self, and went to Sittingbourne for the interview. It was a group interview so there was three people including me. I felt that I did well during it as the year before at college I did a mock job interview and it was smiler to that.

16th December

I received another phone call from Tesco and I had Passed the interview but was informed that there was a large volume of people that had applied for the jobs and they needed to further reduce the applicants so I was invited for a Work Trial in the Tesco Metro in Rainham.

20th December

Attended the work trial, this went well, 1st I had to fill in a questionnaire about my health, then I was on the shop floor facing shelves and restocking shelves. Once that was done I was taken back upstairs and them filled in another form about hours and was told that I would hear back if I had gotten the job or not.

21st December -23rd December

Each day cam and went with no communication from Tesco, this was annoying as I was told that I would know by the 22nd.


A letter had arrived this morning from Tesco telling me that I had not been successful. The letter was dayed yesterday.

I am rather livid that I received this letter today but if it had been the way that I was told it was going to be that after the interview I would have the job or not I would have had a job for the new year.

So to sum up:

  • still have no job
  • i’m Livid
  • and my Christmas has started off on a bad note

i hope that everyone has a better start to there christmas



(yes I “sited up”)


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