Job Applications, Glasses and Phones.

I have been looking for work since I left college back in June of last year and I have not had much success. Yes I had an interview for Tesco just before Christmas but they didn’t want me and I didn’t give up, I am still looking but there is very little out there for me. Recently I have been looking for Bar Work with no luck, the reason I am not having any luck is due to companies and businesses are not willing to take a risk and hire people that aren’t experienced. A number of applications I have made to Various places (e.g. PC World/Curries) wont take me due to not having experience of working with customers, even though I do have good communication Skills, but I am the person that they are looking for. Now is it me or is this a little backwards, I am the person that they are looking for but I can’t have the job due to not having worked with people/customers.

On Monday I got a new pair of Glasses, I was happy with the choice and I had had them for all of 2 hours and the arm fell off. That is just my luck that is but I didn’t let it get to me, as I am with SpecSavers I just went back up and they replaced them with a new pare for me. However, the frames that I had originally chosen were discontinued and so I had to chose a different set and i had to wait for the lenses to be mad and I got them yesterday. So far there has been no problems with them.

For my 20th Birthday I got a phone from my Mum (well she payed for half of it and the rest came from Birthday and Christmas money and the trade in of my old phone). I got the LG Optimus (GT540), it is an Android phone and I have to say I have liked it since I saw the adverts for it last year. I did have my eyes on the iPhone 3Gs but I have to say that this has been a less expensive choice for something that is one of the biggest rivals of the iPhone. (I think this is the case seeing as Microsoft have teamed up with Nokia due to their phones not doing so well in the market compared to the iPhone and Android phones.)

I would like to hear from those that read my blog, Please comment below (you don’t have to but it would be nice to get some feedback from readers).

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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about my life.


(Lets do the Time Warp again)


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