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My life is boring

So I haven’t updated my blog for a while, I really haven’t been up to much to warrant a blog post.

I am however going to attempt to make one.

Doctor Who


The 11th Doctors TARDIS

So last week the Mid-Season finale of season 6 of Doctor who was aired on BBC One (A Good Man Goes to War).

Going into the episode I knew two things:

  1. We would find out who River Song is.
  2. The Doctor would rescue Amy Pond.
Also going into the episode I had, from previous episodes, expected:
  1. We would find out Who River Song had Killed.
    • In “Flesh and Stone” back in season 5 Farther Octavian stated that River Song was a prisoner because she killed a man; a good man.
    • River song had also stated that the man she murdered was the best man she’d ever known.
    • The Title “A Good Man Goes to War gave me the impression that we would find out who this is.
But this theory however was proven to be false.
We did find out who River song was and it was one of the theories that I have been working on since the start of the season. In “Day of the Moon” the second episode we see a picture of Amy holding a baby, presumably the baby that she had told The Doctor that she was pregnant with at the end of the previous episode “The impossible Astronaut” and that this baby is the Little Girl that was in the Space Suite. Then there was the fact that the Little Girl Regenerated at the end of the episode “Day of the Moon”. in the episode “The Doctors Wife” Idris/The TARDIS/Sexy told Rory just before she died the “The only water in the forest is the River” which was a clue to River songs Identity and only solidified my theory.  What confirmed my theory was the Name that Amy had given her child in “A Good Man Goes to War”, she had called he daughter Melody, Melody Pond.
Melody is also a Song and if the only water in the forest is a River than there is no word for Pond and that would mean that River song is Melody Pond and there for Amy and Rory’s Daughter.
This was a clever and well thought through plot feature, and I do have to congratulatory Steven Moffat on this. he kept us all guessing right up to the end and there are still elements to River/Molody’s life that we have yet to find out.

The End of June and Beginning of July

So I am going to watch Glee Live on the 26th of June at the O2. I have never been to the O2, but I am really looking forward to it.

On the 9th July I am going to London Film and Comic Con at Earls Court 2. I am also really looking forward to this as there are a number of Actors/Actresses that I would love to meet there from the many shows that I have enjoyed over the years.



I recently Finished reading  Stargate Atlantis: Book #10 Nightfall, By James Swallow. This was a really good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have just started reading Stargate Atlantis: Book #17, Legacy Series book 2, The Lost, By Jo Graham & Amy Griswold. this is good so far but I am only a few chapters in.

I think that that is everything. I am going to sign off now.

Until next time, follow me on Twitter.


(life is suffering Russ)


Another New Post for a New Year

Happy New Year!!!! (a little late I know but I forgot)

So New Years eve at 5 to midnight I remembered that I had not Scheduled a post for Midnight, I have been a little busy since the 1st so I have just got round to doing this post.

This year is going to be a pain as I am still looking for a job and after 6 months of looking already I am a little bored with doing nothing other than looking.

Well I guess we should catch up:


Christmas day was fun. I was up at 10:00 and I was picked up by my Uncle about half hour later.  When we got to my Mums it wasn’t long before we were opening presents. Just before they were all handed out I was handed my 6 month old Brother and it was so fun as I helped him open his presents before I opened mine.

SG1 Cast signed Photo

SG1 Cast signed Photo

For Christmas I was given a 1TB External Hard Drive, Season 1 of SGU, Season 5 of lost, Season 3 and 4.0 of Battlestar Galactica, season 5 of CSI:NY, Mock the Week – Too Hot for TV 3, teh soundtracks to seasons 1, 2 and 5 of Lost, a Shirt, an SGU 2011 Calender, Dalek cuff-links, a Doctor Who – The Doctor Who Files (collectors Edition) book, a Wallet, a set of ink Cartreges and a Framed Stargate Signed photo signed by  Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michel Shanks, Christopher Judge and Corin Nemec.

Dalek Cuff-links

Dalek Cuff-links

Most of my gifts that I got are practical as I have started using the ink Cartreges in my printer, the Calender is up and I have been wearing the shirt and using the Wallet and the External Hard Drive.

My Birthday is a week away (16/01/2011) and I am looking forward as I am turning 20.

I should hopefully be bloging (or trying to that is) atleast once a week.




Well its About Time (AGAIN)

So once again I have found that I have been neglecting to blog as I have been updating people about my life on Twitter so I thought that I would have a go at Blogging again.

Work Experience

In the last week before Easter I did Work Experience as an infant school and this was a really good week and I wish that I could have done another week as I really enjoyed it. There was only one down side to this is that there wasn’t anything IT related that I could do so I spent the time doing  System Maintenance on the computers like Disc Defragmantation and Disc Cleanup and helping out where ever I could.

Easter Holidays

I have had a boring two weeks off for easter and I can not wait to go back to College on Monday.

I have however played some pool and some Darts with a friend during the holiday and I have had my hair dyed. It is not Blue but the colour is a dark Blue and that and the combination of my dark hair before hand have made it come out looking like it is Black but in the right light you can see the Blue.

I have Bought Caprica The Pilot on DVD and I have bought yet more clothes (I need to be stopped) and one of the items of clothing that I have bought is a Shirt.

So at the moment I am 3 episodes into the second half of the first season of SGU (Stargate Universe) and it has to be said that the slow build up of episodes 101-110 have really payed off.

Also I have found that I am Liking the new series of Doctor Who more than I thought that I would but I am not really liking the new Daleks as they are too big.

Next Week

I am interested to see how my hair goes down at college as i have only told one person at college that it is Blue so that could be Intermeresting.

Next Wednesday I have an interview at Stafford Uni and I am Traveling up there on my own and I have to leave Gillingham by Train at 05:50 in the morning to get to Stafford with enough time to find the Uni. It is going to be fun and I hope that I don’t get lost.

I think that we are all cough up with my life now and I will bid you all Good Day.

As always there are more updates on Twitter.


(OMG I can’t keep this hidden much Longer)


Its Cold Outside

Hello there

So in a few days it is going to be December and that means only one thing: New Year

Wait I think I have miss calculated I am sure there is something else happening before that, Oh yes Doctor Who Christmas Special (FTW).

For those that have been wondering (I doubt that there are any people that read everyone of my posts and in that have become a “Fan”) I have been busy over the last couple of weeks, it has mainly been college stuff but I have been working on a big thing my UCAS application (for those that don’t know I am applying  to go to University) and I have almost completed all of it.

The other week I found out that Orange have joined the Twitter bandwagon so I now get free text updates from a small number of the people I follow (this is nice as Twitter is the only person I receive texts from these days and the volume I get makes me seem popular) and now Orange is selling the iPhone (Win) and I now am looking to get one of those on contract when I get the money.

My computer is now down 2 of its speakers as the cables have broken so the sound is still as good but I have nothing behind me so I have gone from 5.1 down to 3.1 but after the PGP (Primary Gifting Period (Christmas)) I will be looking to get a couple of new ones from Chatham.

So I have once again re-arranged my bedroom, I would show you but my camera is broken but I do have a photo of on of my walls, this wall is the one that is behind me when I take photos.

My Wall

I have started to listen to songs I have not since I found Spotify. It has added more variety to my MP3 player witch with 6months of the same songs did get a little boring so I decided that I needed to update it and so I did.

Stargate Universe has been getting really good over the last couple of weeks and so has Sanctuary and I have now given up on the reviews of each episode but like I have said I have been busy. Don’t despair though as over my Christmas holiday I will be going up to the Mid-Season Finale on SGU and where ever I have gotten to on Sanctuary.

So that is all from me  and I will be back sometime in December and as always you can keep upto date with all the antics in my life through the legalised stalking site Twitter.

Please let me know if you are a “Fan” of my Blog by:

  • emailing me:
  • Sending me an @reply on twitter
  • or by leaving me a comment

So bye *Waves*


(*Still Waving*)


Hello There, Long Time No See

MMMM how are we?

Hello there how are you? I am once again saying this at the start of a blog post as I have been “Twittering all over MyFace and TubeSpace”, once again.

So here I go with the main blogging part:

I have recently discovered (I was late night Googling) TROCK (Time-lord Rock) and this was “Created By” Nerimon, and what TROCK is is songs about Doctor Who, this is brilliant it is like saying I want to watch Doctor Who but I would like to listen to music at the same time. there is a band of 4 youtube users (Nerimon, Charlieissocoollike, Cowinparachute and  Littleradge) and this is called Chameleon Circuit.

I like all of the Chameleon Circuit Tracks on the album, (just for the record (get it) I do not have a copy as I can not afford to purchase the physical CD or pay for the MP3 tracks, I have listened to them in various places but mostly the iTunes samples), but there are a couple that stand out from the 10 on the album:

  • An Awful Lot Of Running
  • Blink
  • Exterminate, Regenerate
  • Count the Shadows

So here are the videos on youtube for, An Awful Lot of Running (this is the Official vid) and Blink (Charlieissocoollike demo version) :

There is a video of Charlie’s that I am liking at the moment and here it is:

I think that this is so funny and I cant stop watching it.

Yesterday I Re-Uploaded a video on to youtube and here it is:

While I am on the subject of Youtube I have created a new user account, Stargatefreek0275 will still be running but this will be for my Fanvids but the new account is for my (soon to be) new Vlog, I have been thinking of starting a Vlog since the start of College back in September(2008) but it is only now that I am going to be starting one. I did attempt to start at the beginning of the week but it was just an EPIC FAIL as everything went wrong. It started with the fact that my webcam (even though it has a built in Microphone) is unable to record Video & Audio at the same time, this is stupid!!!!

Then I tried my Mobile phone to do this but the quality was awful so i have given up until I can use (or get a better) Digital Camera to do it. Here is the user name of the new account: DCS340

I have made an E-Mail account so that the readers of this blog (if I have any regular ones (please let me know)) can E-Mail me and if you are lucky you may get a mention in a Blog or a Vlog and you will receive an actual reply from ME.

My Guitar

My Guitar

My Plectrums

My Plectrums

I have (once again) started to learn the Guitar, this time I am having a better time that before and like the 3 times before I am doing it “all by my self” (isn’t that the lyrics to a song?) and i an having more luck than the other times as I am learning to play a song that is quite simple in comparison toe the previous ones.

If you would like to know, I am learning: “An Awful Lot of Running” by Chameleon Circuit.

Me (as a cartoon)

Me (as a cartoon)

Me (as a cartoon)

Me (as a cartoon)

The TARDIS (as a cartoon)

The TARDIS (as a cartoon)

Well like with all things that I do there is a reason for them and most of the time it is, and i Quote: “‘Cos i was bored” but however that is one of the reasons for this but there is another reason but that will be revealed soon (hopefully). All that i will say at this time is that they are bart of a larger project.

I am happy with them allthough the roof of the TARDIS is not quite right and I did endup giving up. With the cartoon of me, it is actualy been created to scale (hight wise reay) and it is now being used as my display pictures and from the feedback that I have recieved people are liking it so I will be tweaking it when I need to change my display pictures in the future.

I am going to go and practice the Guitar and twitter some more.

Bye *waves*


(And an awful lot of running to do.)


Last week: Windows 7 and My 18th Birthday

Preview Pain

Preview Pain

WMP - Library

WMP - Library

WMP - Now Playing

WMP - Now Playing

“Hello There from Windows 7 Beta 1”

Well i am in the beta test for Windows 7 and i am realy liking it. It is a lot faster the Windows Vista and there are some minor changes that make a very big differance to the feel of this Operating System. there is a new version of Windows Media Player and the Tackbar has been merged with the Quick launch toolbart so that you can pin applications to the Taskbar and there is the addition of the improved visual previews of the open windows. there is also the option to see the desctop so that it makes the windows compleatly transparent. where Windows Vista Ultimate had DreamScene Windows 7 dose not but you do have the option to have lots of backgrounds and have them change in intervals from 30 seconds up to once a day.


What is the FIRST sign of Madness?

Suggs Walking up your Drive.

(Thank you to Mr Stephen Fry for that one)



Bill Bailey - The Collectors Edition

Bill Bailey - The Collectors Edition

Doctor Who - DVD Files - Part 1

Doctor Who - DVD Files - Part 1

Doctor Who - Season 2 Volume 2

Doctor Who - Season 2 Volume 2

Wi-Fi Router for the DS

Wi-Fi Router for the DS

On Friday (16th January) it was my 18th birthday and had a relitivly good day.

i started by leaving my keys at home so i had to go back home to get them so i could lock my bike up so i was late for college as well. 

After college i had dinner with some family and got some presents and cards then i went home and five mins after i arrived Fish turned up for the “Party”, and then Tom arrived and Jordan was the last to arrive and we had a couple of drinks and played some Guitar Hero III. Towards the end we were on the Interweb (Internet to those not in the know) and watched some music videos and then this:

oh and this:

The last couple of days i have been watching Bill Bailey and Doctor Who as well as playing Halo at Tom’s and playing games online on my DS .


“Yes” Carl, Yes Man

Based on the book by Danny Walliace

Before i forget i have seen Yes Man and it is a brilliant film.


(I’m a Cat i’m a Kitty Cat, and i meow, meow, meow, and i meow, meow, moew)


Well it is About Time

ok so it has been about a week since Christmas and i still have not told the world what i go so here we go

The Watch Of a Time loard

The Watch Of a Time loard

Season 3 Boxset of Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Boxset of Stargate Atlantis

NY Season 4

CSI:NY Season 4

Crime Scene Investigation Season 5

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 5

Doctor Who Season 2 Volume 1

Doctor Who Season 2 Volume 1

Guitar Hero World Tour - Decades

Guitar Hero World Tour - Decades

The Big Book Of The Doctor

The Big Book Of The Doctor



Limited Edition Envelope signed by Davina McCall

Limited Edition Envelope signed by Davina McCall

Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock

Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K.Rowling

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K.Rowling

DAB on the go

DAB on the go

OK so i am not the best Photographer in the world but these are a select sample of what i got for christmas so here is a list:

The Doctors Watch
Portable DAB Radio with 1GB MP3 Player
Guitar Hero World Tour – Decades
Stargate Atlantis – The Complete 3rd Season
Doctor Who – Season 2 Volume 1
A CD wallet(Holds 48 CD/DVD)
The Tales of Beedle the Bard
Doctor Who: The Time Traveller’s Almanac
Airwalk Trainers
Chocolate(Lots and lots)
A Rubix Cube
Socks (lots and lots)
A Jumber
a waterproof jacket

A 3D Dalek Mug

and with the money that i got i bought:
Guitar Hero III – Legends Of Rock
CSI:VEGAS season 5 (Both Halves)
CSI:NY (Both Halves)

oh did i mention that it has been snowing?
Well it has Just look

well that is it from me for now
will be back later though

(The Real Timelord)

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