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OOOOOO It’s A Sale

Hello there

I hope that you all had a good Christmas.

So I did say that I was going to tell you what I got for Christmas and I am going to now.

So here I go: (there would have been photos but i cant upload them to WordPress)

  • A Flying Alarm Clock
  • New Trainers
  • Socks
  • Cycling Gloves
  • A 5th Generation iPod nano (with my name engraved on the back)
  • Digital Camera (Finepix J10)
  • Bill Bailey – Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra
  • A Scarf
  • Torchwood Calender
  • shower gel and deodorants
  • Chocolate
  • Money (£80 + £10 Waterstones gift card)

Yesterday I went to Bluewater to have a look round and to take advantage of the sales, it was a good day and in total I took 3926 steps (the pedometer on the iPod) and I came away with some good deals.

I bought:

  • Dara O’Brian – Talks Funny (on Boxing Day not at Bluewater but with the same money)
  • Russel Howard live – Dingeldodies
  • Mock the Week – Too Hot for TV 2
  • CSI:NY 2.01-2.13
  • Biffy Clyro – Only Revolutions
  • Paramore – All We Know is Falling
  • Paramore – Brand New Eyes
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium
  • Mock the Week – This Year’s Book

At the moment I am relaxing listening to the CDs and reading the book (and laughing so much I am in tears) and waiting to hear from my friend Fish who’s child is being born today. I will be seeing Fish in the New Year (03/01/2010).

I have my New Years Resolutions ready:

  • Do more Exercise
  • Be more open and honest
  • Blog more often

Hope you have a good New Year.

I will leave you with Scenes We’d Like to See:

Rejected Exam Questions:

If John earns £300 and buys a DVD for £100, How much was he ripped off?


(why do people make assumptions about me?)


The Next Doctor Is Anounced Today

Well the moment we have all been waiting for, today is when the BBC is going to anounce the Person that is going to replace David Tennant for the part of The Doctor.

David Tennant as The Doctor

David Tennant as The Doctor

The Announcement is in the Doctor Who Confidential on BBC1 At 17:35.

Here Is the BBC Advert:

Now I would like the the Replacement to be David Hewlett as he would make a good Doctor. I am involved in the campaign that has been organized by the Squirrels of David Hewlett (the members of the forum on his website (of which I am one)).

David Hewlett and Jewel Staite

David Hewlett and Jewel Staite

There are other actors that the Bookies have been taking bets on taking over the role of The Doctor. thease include such people as:
Doctor Who Guest Stars:
These probably will not be the doctor as they have appeared in the show and only one Doctor was a guest star and became The Doctor (Tom Baker)

Paterson Joseph – Rodrick
David Morrissey – Jackson Lake
John Simm – The Master
Russell Tovey – Midshipman Alonzo Frame
Anthony Head – Mr Finch
Harry Lloyd – Jeremy Baines/Son-Of-Mine
John Barrowman – Captain Jack Harkness
Dean Lennox Kelly – William Shakespeare
Christopher Eccleston – The Doctor
Richard E Grant – The Doctor (Curse of The Fatal Death)
Hugh Grant – The Doctor (Curse of The Fatal Death)
it is fairly unlikely that these actors will make The Doctor but as Richard E Grant and Hugh Grant were in a spoof episode the could be a chance that these could be considered.

Other Names:
James Nesbitt
Robert Carlyle
Jason Statham
Aidan Gillen
Ben Whishaw
Julian Walsh
Nigel Harman
Bill Nighy
Stephen Fry
Chiwetel Ejiofor
David Suchett
Paul Bettany
Joel Beckett
Christopher Villiers
Ricky Gervais
Vinnie Jones
Robbie Williams
now these are some big names that could play the part of The Doctor but as this list of people was in Doctor Who Magazine issue:402 and this was out in November 2008 and in December of 2008 Robert Carlyle was signed as Dr David Rush in Stargate Universe and so he was taken off of the list as he will be filming SGU at the same time as the Filming of Doctor who so he was unable to be included but he was the favorite of Russell T Davies and it was learned that RTD is not a Stargate Fan.

Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle

All of these names are the ones that the bookies are and have been taking bets on them to be given the role of The Doctor. I am supporting David Hewlett but I have seen some people that others would like to see in the role of The Doctor and these include:
Allan Davies
Bill Bailey
Martin Freeman
Any of these could be in the role.

So I will be watching Live at 17:35 on BBC1 and I will be posting who gets the role later on.

BBC1 Logo

BBC1 Logo

David Hewlett Supporter


Happy New Year – 2009

Well let me say happy new year to friends and the odd people that have found this blog post.

This is another one of my scheduled blog posts

It was an eventful year 2008

I won competitions
1) TORCHWOOD Season 1 box set
2) Live at Kerrang! to see Black Stone Cherry

I have gained MORE Qualifications:
1) BTEC Firs Diploma for IT Practitioners
2) Wider Key skills Level 2
3) Application of Number Key Skill Level 2
4) eQuals 07 level 1

I have been looking for part time work both over the summer and over Christmas and at both times being very unsuccessful.

Over the summer there was an outstanding amount of gold Meddles won by the GBR Olympic and Paralimpic teams and not forgetting the Silver and Bronze meddelists.

Beijing 2008 Medals

Beijing 2008 Medals

In May the Radio 1 big weekend was held in Maidstone, Kent (but i did not get tickets even though i live in Kent).

Radio 1s Big Weekend in Maidstone, poster

Radio 1's Big Weekend in Maidstone, poster

Last year also saw Rose Tyler return t the set of Doctor Who and the shock resignation of David Tennant as The Doctor and the start of David Hewlett’s Squirrels Campaign to get David Hewlett to play the role of The Doctor and the end of Stargate Atlantis.

David Hewlett and Jewel Staite

David Hewlett and Jewel Staite

Who can forget the news of Woolworth’s going into Administration and closing down, they will all be gone by the 5th of January and MFI was gone before Christmas



Well I now don’t have long to wait till mine, my mate Paul’s, James May’s, Preston’s and Kate Moss’s Birthday, Yay. When i will be 18

James May

James May

So this is me Signing off.

I hope that you have had a happy PGP and a merry AGZ.


(One of David Hewlett’s Squirrels)


The Best of 2008

well as 2008 approaches its end i am now going to be awarding the titles of the Best of 2008 for what i have determined to be the best and biggest for this last year.

The Best Radio show
1. The Night Before with Nick Margerrison (Kerrang! Radio)
2. The Chris Moyles Show (BBC Radio 1)
3. Drive with Kate and OJ (Kerrang! radio)

The Best TV show
1. Stargate Atlantis
2. Torchwood
= Doctor who
= Sanctuary

The Best Film
1. Stargate Continuum
2. A Dog’s Breakfast (even thought it is not out in the UK yet)
3. Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs

The Best Album
1. Off With There Heads – Kaiser Chiefs
2. Oracular Spectacular – MGMT
3. The Trick To Life – The Hoosiers

The Best Single
1. Decode – Paramore
2. Mountains – Biffy Clyro
3. Never Miss a Beat – Kaiser Chiefs

The Best Purchase
1. The (almost) complete sires of Stargate SG-1 for under £100 (in missing seasons 3, 8, 9, 10 and part of 2 and 5)
2. My computer (as my laptop died)
3. My Phone (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic)

The Biggest Shock
1. The resignation of David Tennant as “The Doctor”
= The Axing of Stargate Atlantis
3. Woolworth’s Closing

The Best Comedian
1. Bill Bailey
2. Russel Howard
3. Frankie Boyle

The Best Event
1. Kath’s 18th (Jordan got Drunk)
2. College Trip to Wembley Stadium
3. Live At Kerrang! Black Stone Cherry (even though i was not there)

The Best Advert
1. Top Gear (New season (for the end of 2008(Clarkson falls of the bike)))
2. Barclays (water Slide)
3. Argos Christmas Ad (the one with the over packaging of the present)

The Funniest Image
1. Scott Mills (BBC Radio 1) getting bundled but Chris Moyles on ScottCam
2. Scott Mills Sees and invisibal Bee on Big Brother Celeberaty Hijack
3. Greg James broadcasting from a service Station

The Most Annoying
1. Alistair Darling
2. Gordon Brown
3. Me
1. EMA
2. The Computer that i added a second Hard Driver to
3. my TV areal


David Hewlett For The Role of The Next Doctor

Dr Meradith Rodney McKay (Stargate Atlantis)



David Hewlett as Dr Rodney McKay





David Hewlett (stargate Atlantis) has said in many interviews that he has been a big Doctor Who fan and like David Tennant it has been a life long dream to play the role of The Doctor.

with the sudden of David Tennant it will then leave a gap in the show that not that many will be able to fill but i have the utmost confidence in David Hewlett to fill the, to be quite honest, big shoes of the Timelord.

David Hewlett’s part in Stargate Atlantis needs him to be able to speak at a very fast pace, also the character of Rodney McKay needs to be able to use Techno-babble, but the most important bit of McKay is that he has to do them both at the same time.

Carter Vs McKay

Here is an example of the abilities of David Hewlett with the reading of a page of technobabble at speed and not tripping over the lines or getting confused.


David Hawlett with The TARDIS

David Hawlett with The TARDIS



David Hewlett and Jewel Staite

David Hewlett and Jewel Staite



Now if you want to join this campain there are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. there is a facebook Group, infact there is 2
  2. Write to the BBC
  3. Email the BBC 
  4. pertitions 
  5. and showing your support on Davids website

I do beleve that David Hewlett will make a blinding replacement for David Tennant. If not i will eat my TARDIS!!!!!!





Turn Left

Crossing a market on a planet of strangers, What could possibly go WRONG?

now this was the return of Rose Tyler and what a way to return to help guide Donna on how to save the Parallel world that had formed around her and then how to change decision that was to turn right and create the parallel world and the doctor dies or turn left and work at H C Clements and meat the doctor.

the episode starts on a planet that has an Oriental market these with banners in Chinese and posters and you see the doctor and Donna enjoying the atmosphere and the product that are on sale. Donna walks on and is approached by a fortune teller and is offered a reading for free who can refuse that. when the teller asks about the doctor and how she met him, she was told to change the choice she made for her job and at that exact time a beetle attached its self to her back and thus the time lines were changed in a parallel world that was created at that time but this change and not meeting the doctor harshly affected the world and as she did not become the temp at H C Clements and she was the one that stopped the doctor when confronting the Racnoss so he died and this meant that the doctor was not there to save the hospital and then Martha Jones Died and as the doctor and her did not go to the end of the universe with jack  an this caused the Master to die at the end of time and existence and as the doctor was not on the Titanic when it was falling to earth well Buckingham palace to be precise the Queen died as did anyone that stayed in London as the Nuclear storm drives irradiated the south east of England witch meant I died (wow can you imagine that) and then as the doctor was not there and as London was not inhabited the Adipose killed millions of Americans instead and then the stars started to go out and Donna was ready to go with rose and change the time-lines and as Rose had stated Donna was going to die. UNIT had control of the TARDIS and they had been able to retro fit a working time machine and they sent Donna back and she had 4 minuets to stop her from Turning Right and as she was over half a mile away when she was close she stopped her self the only was she could but causing a traffic jam by sacrificing her self and then Rose came and told her to tell the doctor two words and these words were “BAD WOLF” and when she returns to the present (well i say the present i mean the future) and he fortune teller scarpers and the beetle died and the doctor appears and then the Truth about the beetle is reveled as part of the Trickster’s Crusade and it caused tiny changes to a persons history and the universe would compensate but in the case of Donna it created a new world a new world and the parallel universe and the fact that Rose told Donna To tell the doctor “BAD WOLF” this told him that the walls of the universes are going to brake and cause the end of the universe and when the doctor exited the tellers stall and looked outside every thing had changed to “BAD WOLF” and this is bad.

there were links to the spin offs in this episode as Sara-Jane Smith and her son Luke and his friends Maria and Clyde all died trying to save the earth from the plasmavore and Captain jack, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones died stopping ATMOS and the Sontarans. the Tricksterwas in The Sara Jane Adventures and spoke of the chaos that would encyst if the doctor would be gone but that was his whole existence but here in this story it is from the Christmas that he would have met Donna.

if i am correct as martha did not help jack but by what i have gathered Tosh and Owen still died by the the hand of Gray.

but you see that by changing one simple choice that you made in you past can cause the unraveling of the hole of time and space.

so next week the real return of rose and the return of martha and the return of Captain Jack Harkness and the Return of Sara Jane Smith and the joining of torchwood three’s Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones and the Joining of Sara Jane’s Son Luke Smith and his friends Maria and Clyed and this is a big thin by involving all of them in a fight against another return and this is a big one the return of Davros.

so what will happen and how will the end of the universe be stopped and davros defeted we will find out next week.


GERRR!!! Sisters, Who’d Have Them???

ok my sister has gon to thorp park and i have to leave home at 18:30 so i can pick her up from the ice boul and this will mean i will miss Doctor Who this evening but i will be watching it later on as i am going to be recording it but it is not the same as watching it with therest of the country is it.

and i am working on the next 2 vids that are late so sorry about that.

ok this me signing off untill i have seen Doctor Who.

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