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Job Applications, Glasses and Phones.

I have been looking for work since I left college back in June of last year and I have not had much success. Yes I had an interview for Tesco just before Christmas but they didn’t want me and I didn’t give up, I am still looking but there is very little out there for me. Recently I have been looking for Bar Work with no luck, the reason I am not having any luck is due to companies and businesses are not willing to take a risk and hire people that aren’t experienced. A number of applications I have made to Various places (e.g. PC World/Curries) wont take me due to not having experience of working with customers, even though I do have good communication Skills, but I am the person that they are looking for. Now is it me or is this a little backwards, I am the person that they are looking for but I can’t have the job due to not having worked with people/customers.

On Monday I got a new pair of Glasses, I was happy with the choice and I had had them for all of 2 hours and the arm fell off. That is just my luck that is but I didn’t let it get to me, as I am with SpecSavers I just went back up and they replaced them with a new pare for me. However, the frames that I had originally chosen were discontinued and so I had to chose a different set and i had to wait for the lenses to be mad and I got them yesterday. So far there has been no problems with them.

For my 20th Birthday I got a phone from my Mum (well she payed for half of it and the rest came from Birthday and Christmas money and the trade in of my old phone). I got the LG Optimus (GT540), it is an Android phone and I have to say I have liked it since I saw the adverts for it last year. I did have my eyes on the iPhone 3Gs but I have to say that this has been a less expensive choice for something that is one of the biggest rivals of the iPhone. (I think this is the case seeing as Microsoft have teamed up with Nokia due to their phones not doing so well in the market compared to the iPhone and Android phones.)

I would like to hear from those that read my blog, Please comment below (you don’t have to but it would be nice to get some feedback from readers).

As always you can follow me hear

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about my life.


(Lets do the Time Warp again)


Another New Post for a New Year

Happy New Year!!!! (a little late I know but I forgot)

So New Years eve at 5 to midnight I remembered that I had not Scheduled a post for Midnight, I have been a little busy since the 1st so I have just got round to doing this post.

This year is going to be a pain as I am still looking for a job and after 6 months of looking already I am a little bored with doing nothing other than looking.

Well I guess we should catch up:


Christmas day was fun. I was up at 10:00 and I was picked up by my Uncle about half hour later.  When we got to my Mums it wasn’t long before we were opening presents. Just before they were all handed out I was handed my 6 month old Brother and it was so fun as I helped him open his presents before I opened mine.

SG1 Cast signed Photo

SG1 Cast signed Photo

For Christmas I was given a 1TB External Hard Drive, Season 1 of SGU, Season 5 of lost, Season 3 and 4.0 of Battlestar Galactica, season 5 of CSI:NY, Mock the Week – Too Hot for TV 3, teh soundtracks to seasons 1, 2 and 5 of Lost, a Shirt, an SGU 2011 Calender, Dalek cuff-links, a Doctor Who – The Doctor Who Files (collectors Edition) book, a Wallet, a set of ink Cartreges and a Framed Stargate Signed photo signed by  Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michel Shanks, Christopher Judge and Corin Nemec.

Dalek Cuff-links

Dalek Cuff-links

Most of my gifts that I got are practical as I have started using the ink Cartreges in my printer, the Calender is up and I have been wearing the shirt and using the Wallet and the External Hard Drive.

My Birthday is a week away (16/01/2011) and I am looking forward as I am turning 20.

I should hopefully be bloging (or trying to that is) atleast once a week.




Christmas 2010

Well it is that time of year once again, I am writing this in advance of the big day as I will currently (weather permitting) be in a car on the way to my mums.

I just want to say Happy Christmas to all that read my blog and that i hope that you have a good day.


( [-_-] )


Christmas Eve

So this is Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow I am at my Mums but what I am blogging about started the other week.

lets go back:

13th December

I applied for a job at a new Tesco store in Sittingbourne. I wasn’t expecting to hear back but i did later on that day and I was invited to an interview.

15th December

I dressed in my Sute, Ironicly it came form Tesco its self, and went to Sittingbourne for the interview. It was a group interview so there was three people including me. I felt that I did well during it as the year before at college I did a mock job interview and it was smiler to that.

16th December

I received another phone call from Tesco and I had Passed the interview but was informed that there was a large volume of people that had applied for the jobs and they needed to further reduce the applicants so I was invited for a Work Trial in the Tesco Metro in Rainham.

20th December

Attended the work trial, this went well, 1st I had to fill in a questionnaire about my health, then I was on the shop floor facing shelves and restocking shelves. Once that was done I was taken back upstairs and them filled in another form about hours and was told that I would hear back if I had gotten the job or not.

21st December -23rd December

Each day cam and went with no communication from Tesco, this was annoying as I was told that I would know by the 22nd.


A letter had arrived this morning from Tesco telling me that I had not been successful. The letter was dayed yesterday.

I am rather livid that I received this letter today but if it had been the way that I was told it was going to be that after the interview I would have the job or not I would have had a job for the new year.

So to sum up:

  • still have no job
  • i’m Livid
  • and my Christmas has started off on a bad note

i hope that everyone has a better start to there christmas



(yes I “sited up”)


Why is it…..?

So the UK has been hit with Snow, I know that it has been snowing for the last few days but it has only really hit the South East in the last 2 days and it is set to carry on for at least another 24 hours.

So hear is my question: why is it that whenever there is a small amount of snow the whole county goes MENTAL?

As soon as it was even hinted at that it was going to snow a number of schools and colleges closed straight away, yet when I was in school I had to suffer through the day whilst it was snowing and this was only 2003/04 and it was in the middle of a 2 day Blizzard and we had to go in.

Now my plans for the weekend are currently on hold as the Trains in the South East are up the spout so as I am unable to travel any ware until the snow clears up I can get to Sittingbourne from Gillingham but the line between Sittingbourne ans Sheerness-On-Sea is closed and has a Replacement bus service (The three feared words of all train users). I do hope that the weather improves so that I can travel on Friday.




When Will They Learn?

As people know I am a Sci-Fi fan and due to this I have been taken in by some of the big franchises like Star Trek, Stargate and the Re-Imagined series of Battlestar Galactica.

I was taken with Battlestar as it was on after Stargate Atlantis on Sky One so naturally I started watching Caprica as it was a Prequel to the show. Only the 1st 9 episodes have been Broadcast in the UK and in the US they stopped at episode 13 but in Canada they only have 2 episodes left.

Now I have really enjoyed the 1st and now to be only season of Caprica, but I think that it could have gone further as it was only in its 1st year it was still finding its feet and they are trying to put too much into what is left of the season.

There is now another prequel to Battlestar called Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. This is a Sanctuary style show as it is mainly on Green Screen. as far as I know it is set 10 years into the first CYLON war and is following Bill “Husker” Adama on the Battlestar known as Galactica. in comparison to the flagship show, the ship is brand new and at the beginning of it’s life.

This show was originally set to be a Web series such as how Sanctuary started but due to the cancellation of Caprica it has been given the green light for a TV show. This is starting to look like how Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe was handled, as though it was once axed so that the other can start and it just seames so unfair.

Like with Stargate Universe I will be giving Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome a watch as it is part of the Mythology of the show BSG and shows the start of the story of the ship that the show is named after like BSG shows the end of the story of the ship.

Caprica Season 1.5 is set to start in the new year on Sky1, the last 5 episodes are on in a 5 hour Marathon on SyFy on the 4th of January in the US and the last 2 episodes are on Space in Canada on Tuesday 23rd and Tuesday 30th November.

Stargate Universe is on Tuesdays up until the 7th of December in the UK on Sky1, in the US it is on Tuesdays up until the 30th November and in Canada it is on Space on Fridays up until the 3rd of December (these dates are estimates and are subject to change)


(So say we all)


Doctor Who Live

On Friday the 8th of October I went up to London and I watched Doctor Who Live. It was the opening night and unknown to me Matt Smith was in the audience and this was announced at the start of the show.



During the 1st half we were introduced to the characters and the premise behind the whole show.  Throughout the entire show there was comedic elements, none more so than the part with Winston Churchill.



In the show there were the monsters and aliens from throughout the 2nd – 5th seasons of the show,  there was some audience participation  for some parts and it was a thoroughly enjoyable.

Daleks and The Doctor

Daleks and The Doctor

At the end of the show, there was a large volume of people around the Red Carpet that had been set-up, although  Matt Smith did not come out to meet the fans and he did leave a number of them rather disappointed, it was understandable as it was late and as far as I am aware they are still filming the Christmas Special. After a while of waiting there was still a small number of people waiting, there as an appearance from comedian and impressionist John Culshaw. Not long after there was another familiar, that face was none other than one Catherine Tate.

Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate

All in all I had a great time and I really did enjoy the the show. I do hope that there will be other shows like this as I think that they are a great way to expand the franchise.

John Culshaw

John Culshaw


(OMG He is Wearing a Fez)

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