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Stargate Universe: Air – Part 2 (Extended Version)


This Post will contain spoilers

I will start by stating that I have the DVD Boxset for Season 1 of SGU and as such I have an extended version of the Pilot episodes. As such I am going to be reviewing the extended version of Air with all 3 parts as one episode, unlike the original Syfy (America), Space (Canada) and Sky1 (United Kingdom) Broadcasts of parts one and two and then a week later part three. On the Syfy broadcast I know that parts one and two where shown as one episode and the Sky1 Broadcast they where shown as 2 separate episodes but shown back to back.

WRITTEN BY – Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper

DIRECTED BY – Andy Mikita

Air Part 2 – 102

Destiny in FTL

Destiny in FTL

The episode starts with a shot of the ship in FTL (Faster Than Light) and we join the crew taking stock of what they have . We are the given our 1st extended scene, Camille Wray (Ming-Na) approaches Senator Armstrong (Christopher McDonald) and tries to reassure him as she is the leading IOA (International Oversight Advisory) representative on the ship and in return he dose the same as she is only in Human Resources.  Then Senator Armstrong talks to 1st Lt. Matthew Scott about the Life Support and using the Stargate to get back to earth. Scott then breaks the group into teams of 3 to search the ship. Scott goes with 2nd Lt.  Vanessa James (Julia Benson) and Sgt. Hunter Riley (Haig Sutherland) , Scott acts like he has no idea who James is. Dr Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) finds the case that Colonel Everett Young (Louis Ferreira) bought through the gate with him, he then takes it with him. What is he up to?

we see rush going through the corridors and we have an Added Scene – Rush goes into the control interface room and we see Adam Brody (Peter Kelamis) ,  Dr Lisa Park (Jennifer Spence) and Eli Wallace (David Blue) working. Rush asks for progress, he doesn’t get any, only the facts that he already had. Rush rephrases the question looking for “Good News” and Eli thinks he has worked out the menu system on the computers. Rush asks him to look for a Schematic/Map of the ship. Eli jokingly says “Google Spaceship”, which was a nice touch. Eli asks if Rush has any food in the bag that he is carrying, as he is starving, Rush doesn’t and tells Eli to keep working, Eli asks where he is going and Rush says to find the bathroom.

Communication Terminal and Stones

Communication Terminal and Stones

Rush is then seek wandering around again, he finds a compartment and opens the bag and the case Revealing 5 Communication stones and an earth made communication terminal. he activates the Terminal and places a stone on to it, we are back on earth and Dr Bill Lee (Bill Dow) is sitting in a chair with a stone on an identical looking terminal, he is waiting for the crew to make contact. It is nice to see Dr Lee in SGU as it calls back to both SG1 and Atlantis. Rush swaps with Dr lee.Added Scene – Earth – Chief Mst. Sgt. Walter Harriman (Gary Jones) informs Lt. General Jack O’Neill that they have made communication and Rush is in the communication lab. O’Neil goes to meet him and Rush fills him in on what has happened and that Rush took the opportunity to dial the 9 Chevron address and we find out the SGC dialing computer classification for Icarus, P4X-351. O’Neill tells Rush that he is to get them home.

Back on the ship Scott, James and Riley are searching the ship.  Scott tries to apologize for earlier (when he acted as though he didn’t know her).

Added Scene –  MSgt. Ronald Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) is searching the ship with Dr Jeremy Franklin (Mark Burgess) and another person (un-named), Franklin is concerned that thee ship is inhabited, Greer says that the life support was off till they got here. Franklin mentions aliens that don’t breath O2.

Back in the control interface room Eli has found a Map of the ship, Scott radios in for Rush, Eli answered saying that rush is in the bathroom if he found it. Scott wants a bulkhead door opened, and he dint want Eli to look for rush. Scott tries to open the door manually but it wont budge, whilst doing thei the Map on Eli’s console finds them, but the door is showing as red (Not a good sign). Scott asks Eli to open it, When he dose the whole corridor turns red, and we see that there is a Breach in the Hull and the shield is not helping to seal the damage. This is a good plot device as at the start of the previous part we see shielded areas across the entire length of the hull, They are loosing what little Air they have.  Eli manages to close the bulkhead and Rush turns up and he takes the radio and asks everyone to go to the gateroom.

Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle)

Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle) informing the Crew about the Stones

In the gateroom Rush informs them about the Communication stones, and tells then that he has used them to contact Earth. Rush also tells them that he has been put in charge by General O’Neill. Senator Armstrong wants to use the stones to talk to O’Neill but Rush wont let him. Senator Armstrong then collapses and they discover that he is badly bruised and bleeding internally (Due to his blood thinners). Rush then tells 1st Lt. Tamara “TJ” Johansen (Alaina Huffman) to find somewhere for the wounded and tells the rest of the crew to find quarters and stray there until asked to do something useful. The crew don’t take to that well and then Scott intervenes. Scott is in-charge of the SG Personnel as Young put him in-charge and he tells then to move out and go to the quarters. Scott has Rush’s back, for now.

The crew are taking stock of the supplies that they bought through from Icarus. There isn’t that much, this will mean that living on the ship will be a Day-to-Day issue. They only have Power Bars and powdered food (probably protein powder) Dale Volker (Patrick Gilmore) find seeds and they also find some paper. Wray confronts Greer about him being in detention on Icarus and what to do about it now. Greer reacts but is restrained by Riley. He is then radioed by Scott to look for exposed areas of the ship. wee see Sgt. Spencer (Josh Blacker) taking a large number of Power Bars, this is suspicious behavior for a Marine, what is he up to?

CO2 Processing Node

CO2 Processing Node

Scott is being directed by Rush somewhere but Scott sees something on the ship and he follows it. We next see TJ tending to Col. Young, he has been unconscious since the beginning of the 1st part and he is just coming back into consciousness.  TJ fills him in on what is happening, The life support and being on a ship and that Rush says that he is in charge. Young cant move his legs, he cant get up. Scott is still following the flying object and finds Eli. Eli found the compartment and he is controlling it, It is a Flying Camera,  Eli called it a Kino (After the Russian word for Movie/Film). Eli and Scott then start walking down the corridors, they are followed by a Kino. Eli is saying that this is his 2nd ship in as many days and that he was beamed out of his house. Eli also has a Headache (a sign that they are running out of Air). Young has Neuropraxia, temporary paralysis following a concussive injury. TJ was supposed to have left Icarus weeks ago for Seattle (Training to be an EMT), Young wants to see Rush and he sends TJ to get him. Scott and Eli find Rush he is amazed by the Kino and likes Eli’s idea to use than to check the ship. Rush informs Scott that the CO2 scrubbers/Processing nodes are failing and he sends Scott out to check on on, Scott calls for Greer to come with him. Scott and Greer get to the Gateroom and find the grate that the Node is be hind, they open it and it is not good, it is caked in the used up residue of the compound that was in it.

Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque)is seeing to her dad, he also wakes up and wants to know what is going on, Chloe id unaware as she is looking after him and he sends her out and talks his pills so he can’t do any more harm to himself.

Greer Joins up with Jame and Franklin and continue searching the ship. Brody is checking the processing node. they only have a couple of hours if they cant seal the parts of the ship that are venting O2 and if they can it will gain them a day or so.  Rush notes that there was Medical grade Soda-lime in the manifest and that never made it to the ship. They need to find something else that can take CO2 from the air (Calcium carbonate/Lithium hydroxide). Scott wants Rush to dial back to earth before it is an issue.

Added Scene – Greer,James and Franklin find what appears to be a Mess. Franklin notes that there is plates for food and James notes that there isn’t any food. Greer finds what appears to be a Water tap. he activates it but only a couple of drops come out of it.

Eli using the Kino, finds a Shuttle and he Radios Greer, Rush says that there are 2 Shuttles.  Greer finds the Shuttle and he cant close the door, it is broken. Franklin goes inside and finds that there is a hole on the window of the shuttle. Rush and Eli go down to the shuttle to try to close the door. Franklin notes that the shield isn’t 100% effective and rush says that the ship is badly damaged and it cant cope with it. Rush closes the Shuttle door and it starts to vent the air out and he then opens it again, this is a problem as it means that someone has to close it from the inside, a Death sentence.

Young is starting to be able to move his feet. TJ is filling him in on what is going on. Chloe is doing the same with her dad, it appears to be the same conversation. Franklin is trying to fix the mechanics that closes the damaged door. he is not having any luck. Eli says that “Bad air is better than no air” and rush says that someone has to go in and close it.

Eli Wallace (David Blue)

Eli Wallace (David Blue)

Eli starts to document his symptoms into a Kino, Scott finds this annoying am makes Eli stop. They need to decide who is going to have to sacrifice themselves. TJ gives Rush a list of people on the ship and has marked those that are injured.

Young volunteers to do it as he is badly injured, Scott wont lett him and then Chloe turns up and informs them that her dad is missing. He is on his way to the Shuttle and is pointing a gun at greer. The Senator wants to do it as he doesn’t have that much long left and Greer notices this and lets him. Scott and Chloe are rushing to try and stop him but  but the don’t make it in time. Senator Armstrong has already seals himself in and he saves the rest of the crew. Chloe is upset and she runs and attacks Rush, she blames him for her fathers death, who then consoles her that he wouldn’t of been his choice and that the Icarus project was one that he believed in and that “this ship could be the most important discovery mankind has made since the Stargate it-self.”

1st Lt. Matthew Scott and Chloe Armstrong

1st Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith) and Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque)

Young is up and walking, he informs Wray that Senator Armstrong is dead. he gets Wray to help keep the moral positive. Scott joins Chloe on the Observation Deck, he wants to know about her father, Chloe tells him all about her father, Scott leaves her to go back to the Search.

Eli is laying on a bench in the Control Interface Room, Rush is wanting to know what he is doing, Eli says that he has just watched a man die. Rush is working on the problems of the ship and he has found the name of the ship, Destiny.  The Ancients were never on Destiny, the sent it out unmanned. Young makes his way to the Gateroom, Riley has fond the 8 symbol address for earth and Young orders him to start dialing. Extended Scene – In the Command Interface Room Eli wants to know who the Lucian Alliance is, Rush tells him about them. An allarm sounds and rush notices that someone is dialing the Gate.

Destiny's Stargate

The Stargate on Destiny

Eli, Brody, Park and Rush go to the Gateroom, Eli picks up a Kino, they find that Young is up and about and dialing the gate. Eli deploys the Kino and starts recording. Rush says that the ship is low on power, he hasn’t been able to access the main systems and “this ship simply doesn’t have the capability to dial Earth.” Destiny drops out of FTL, The Gate starts to dial automaticaly. There are Stargates out here?

We learn about the Seed Ships that were sent out before destiny. The gate activates and there is a Wormhole yo a planet. Young goes to step through even though he has no idea what is in the other side. Rush has told Destiny that they need supplies and this is the address that will solve the Air issue. Eli has the idea to use the Kino as a MALP, Rush thinks that that is the intended use for the device. Park is receiving the telemetry back from the Kino and the planet has a breathable atmosphere and it has very little CO2, this is a good sign that what the need is on this planet. They have a time limit of 12 hours 15 Minutes and 40 Seconds to find what they need on the planet before Destiny jumps back to FTL.

They pick a team to go through the gate: Scott, Greer, Curtis (Bradley Stryker), Dr Andrea Palmer (Christina Schild), Franklin and Rush. Eli volunteers to go as well, Rush doesn’t want him to go and neither does Scott but Young lets him. Young tells Scott to “keep and eye on Rush.”

Extended Scene – In the Gateroom the team has geared up, Eli and Scott are standing in-front of the Gate and Eli asks if scot thinks there will be any dinosaurs. Scot says that anything is possible.  Young tells them to move out and Scott walks through the Gate.

1st Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith) about to go through the Stargate

1st Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith) about to go through the Stargate

In the Extended Version the scene has been cut down as it goes straight into the 3rd part. but the bit that is missing is:

Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle) about to go through the Stargate

Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle) about to go through the Stargate

The rest of the team files through the gate (Eli then Greer, Franklin Curtis and Palmer) and Rush is the last to go through, he pauses and looks at young, Young nods and then he steps through.

This was a good second part to the Pilot, this episode was all about taking stock and checking what they had brought through with them. The sacrifice of Senator Armstrong is a strong beat as in the past on stargate they have never left someone behind or let then do that, Apart for Dr Peter Grodin (Craig Veroni)Back in Stargate Atlantis Season 1 episode The Siege Part one, be he was trapped and under-fire so there was nothing that could be done. but it was a good episode and showing that it is much different from its predecessors.


(“Destiny” – Dr Nicholas Rush)


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