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Red Nose Day 2009


Red Nose Day 09

Red Nose Day '09


Comic Relief

Comic Relief

I have decided i am going to “Do something funny for Money” this year for Comic Relief.

I have chosen to do a sponsored Bicycle ride for Red Nose Day.

I have not sorted it all out yet, so I still need to decide on how far I am going to go and the route I will go and where this will lead me but I know that it will be sorted in the next couple of days.

I will be Twittering and Blogging about everything I do (Decisions, choices, etc) leading up to the event on the Saturday (14/03/2009) after Comic Relief.

There was a small list of things that I could have done like:

  1. Get a Hair Cut
  2. Sponsored Silence
  3. The bike ride
  4. A complete week in college

So I chose the Bicycle ride as it will get me exercises and it will be good for me.

I have setup a RND (Red Nose Day) sponsor page on there site so that people can donate and sponsor me online and I will also have a sponsor form as well.

All of the money I raise will go to a good cause and will save lives and improve them as well.

RND Fact:

£5 could buy a malaria bed net


The BT Red Nose Climb

The BT Red Nose Climb

I have donated money to the Red Nose Climb, I did a text donation of £1 wich will help and as TESCO says “Every Little Helps” so as Moyles is going up Mt Kilimanjaro the ride will help raise more money.

I hope that you do something for RND.


(It’s got to be worth a few Quid?)



“@stephenfry Awwwwwwww”

OK so i like many others have become hooked with Twitter (unlike the others this is the 2nd time i have become hooked). amongst these are Stephen Fry, Chris Moyles, Johnathan Ross, Philip Schofield, Greg James, Scott Mills, Rob Brydon, me and my dad.

with Twitter and the application TweetDeck i have been kept up to date with the updates and Stephen Fry was stuck in a lift and Phillip Schofield has been wageing an un-win-able war against the Snow.

if you want to follow me or any of the people i have listed then you can.

you are also able to contact them with the @reply and if you are lucky they may reply back.

also there is David Hewlett and Kate Hewlett, and Dom from the Chris Moyles show, and i am listening to Chris this Morning and Twittering and blogging at the same time so it is ok if you end up with an @reply or a #tag in this blog that is not ment to be there.

i am going to go now as i have to get ready for college.


(@CHRISDJMOYLES #domisatwit lol)



hi it has been a while but i am good i am now going to complain and moan like normal.

Stargate Atlantis

the 5th season has just started over here in the UK we are only 3 episodes in but i am at episode 6 as the show is on you-tube and now the US is on episode 8 so i will now have to wait till the DVD box set is out to watch this season but not only that i now have found out that this is to be the last 20 episodes of the series witch in my opinion is a shame as there is a lot more that could have been done to save the show, for example: have sky one on virgin media and then the show would have had more viewers and then if the show was allowed to run to the 10th episode over here in the UK then the viewing numbers would have been adequate to save the show.

now i have to look forward to the new series Stargate Universe and the prospect of stargate Atlantis and stargate SG1 films witch should keep the franchise alive for years to come if there best case scenario is achieved of 2 SG1 and 2 Atlantis films a year.

speaking of Stargate SG1 last weak i bought myself StargateContinuum and this is one of the best films i have seen this year with the exception of A Dog’s Breakfast this has not yet been released over here in the UK but i have watched it on-line and it is funny well the humor is only sold by the cast witch is almoast all actors from stargate’s SG1 and Atlantis. it was written and Directed by the talented David Hewlett who also plays the part of the character Patrick.

the other actors from Stargate are:

Kate Hewlett – Marilyn

Paul McGillion – Ryan / Colt / Detective Morse

Christopher Judge – Chris

Rachel Luttrel – Ratcha

this film also stars Mars the dog who is the dog of David Hewlett.

i have no idea when this film is out but it should be soon so that i can enjoy this film without having to wait for it to buffer on the computer.


i go back to college on Tuesday and i have been so board that these last 9 Weeks have been so slow i have had nothing to do but now i have my mountain bike working a bit i now don’t have to worry about paying for transport to college so that makes things a bit cheaper but Tuesday i had to go to my aunts on my bike and the route that i took was about 8 1/2 miles so i have been in a bit of pain but it is getting better.

i have been listening to quite a lot of music over the last couple of months and it has been nice as i have not relay had the time with college and i wont have the time when i go back but i still has been good to listen.

till next time  stay safe.

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