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2012 – So Far

Well it has been a while since I have updated my blog so I think that it is about time that I do.

It is now 2012 and not much has changed in my life.

For 2 months at the end of last year I had a job but that fell through just after New Year, the week before my 21st Birthday.

The job was going well, I was mainly creating and editing the companies websites which is something that is easy for me to do as I am competent in HTML and CSS coding.

As I am on the topic of websites, I am currantly undertaking a major update on my Mums website and I am hopeful that it will be updated within the next couple of days. The updates that i am making is to make the site feel more like an e-commerce site as its currant configuration is just a simple site that is more like a catalog rather than something that you would go onto to purchase anything as currently my mum is using Ebay to sell her bags.

Also I am working on my own website, I have been working on the designs for a while and I have now chosen a design that I like and I have created a logo design too which will be on all of my sites once I have managed to render it on the computer.

I am now an owner of an Apple iPhone 3G s (16GB), I know that it is an out dated model as the iPhone 4S came out the week after but I have to say that I like the old 3G s, but I would love to have one of the new ones though.

Well I think that I have updated the world on all of the Major things as everything else is pretty much the same.

As always please stalk me on Twitter as i do update there more than on the blog.

Until the next update.


(Don’t tell him Pike)


Job Applications, Glasses and Phones.

I have been looking for work since I left college back in June of last year and I have not had much success. Yes I had an interview for Tesco just before Christmas but they didn’t want me and I didn’t give up, I am still looking but there is very little out there for me. Recently I have been looking for Bar Work with no luck, the reason I am not having any luck is due to companies and businesses are not willing to take a risk and hire people that aren’t experienced. A number of applications I have made to Various places (e.g. PC World/Curries) wont take me due to not having experience of working with customers, even though I do have good communication Skills, but I am the person that they are looking for. Now is it me or is this a little backwards, I am the person that they are looking for but I can’t have the job due to not having worked with people/customers.

On Monday I got a new pair of Glasses, I was happy with the choice and I had had them for all of 2 hours and the arm fell off. That is just my luck that is but I didn’t let it get to me, as I am with SpecSavers I just went back up and they replaced them with a new pare for me. However, the frames that I had originally chosen were discontinued and so I had to chose a different set and i had to wait for the lenses to be mad and I got them yesterday. So far there has been no problems with them.

For my 20th Birthday I got a phone from my Mum (well she payed for half of it and the rest came from Birthday and Christmas money and the trade in of my old phone). I got the LG Optimus (GT540), it is an Android phone and I have to say I have liked it since I saw the adverts for it last year. I did have my eyes on the iPhone 3Gs but I have to say that this has been a less expensive choice for something that is one of the biggest rivals of the iPhone. (I think this is the case seeing as Microsoft have teamed up with Nokia due to their phones not doing so well in the market compared to the iPhone and Android phones.)

I would like to hear from those that read my blog, Please comment below (you don’t have to but it would be nice to get some feedback from readers).

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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about my life.


(Lets do the Time Warp again)


Its Cold Outside

Hello there

So in a few days it is going to be December and that means only one thing: New Year

Wait I think I have miss calculated I am sure there is something else happening before that, Oh yes Doctor Who Christmas Special (FTW).

For those that have been wondering (I doubt that there are any people that read everyone of my posts and in that have become a “Fan”) I have been busy over the last couple of weeks, it has mainly been college stuff but I have been working on a big thing my UCAS application (for those that don’t know I am applying  to go to University) and I have almost completed all of it.

The other week I found out that Orange have joined the Twitter bandwagon so I now get free text updates from a small number of the people I follow (this is nice as Twitter is the only person I receive texts from these days and the volume I get makes me seem popular) and now Orange is selling the iPhone (Win) and I now am looking to get one of those on contract when I get the money.

My computer is now down 2 of its speakers as the cables have broken so the sound is still as good but I have nothing behind me so I have gone from 5.1 down to 3.1 but after the PGP (Primary Gifting Period (Christmas)) I will be looking to get a couple of new ones from Chatham.

So I have once again re-arranged my bedroom, I would show you but my camera is broken but I do have a photo of on of my walls, this wall is the one that is behind me when I take photos.

My Wall

I have started to listen to songs I have not since I found Spotify. It has added more variety to my MP3 player witch with 6months of the same songs did get a little boring so I decided that I needed to update it and so I did.

Stargate Universe has been getting really good over the last couple of weeks and so has Sanctuary and I have now given up on the reviews of each episode but like I have said I have been busy. Don’t despair though as over my Christmas holiday I will be going up to the Mid-Season Finale on SGU and where ever I have gotten to on Sanctuary.

So that is all from me  and I will be back sometime in December and as always you can keep upto date with all the antics in my life through the legalised stalking site Twitter.

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So bye *Waves*


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