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My life is boring

So I haven’t updated my blog for a while, I really haven’t been up to much to warrant a blog post.

I am however going to attempt to make one.

Doctor Who


The 11th Doctors TARDIS

So last week the Mid-Season finale of season 6 of Doctor who was aired on BBC One (A Good Man Goes to War).

Going into the episode I knew two things:

  1. We would find out who River Song is.
  2. The Doctor would rescue Amy Pond.
Also going into the episode I had, from previous episodes, expected:
  1. We would find out Who River Song had Killed.
    • In “Flesh and Stone” back in season 5 Farther Octavian stated that River Song was a prisoner because she killed a man; a good man.
    • River song had also stated that the man she murdered was the best man she’d ever known.
    • The Title “A Good Man Goes to War gave me the impression that we would find out who this is.
But this theory however was proven to be false.
We did find out who River song was and it was one of the theories that I have been working on since the start of the season. In “Day of the Moon” the second episode we see a picture of Amy holding a baby, presumably the baby that she had told The Doctor that she was pregnant with at the end of the previous episode “The impossible Astronaut” and that this baby is the Little Girl that was in the Space Suite. Then there was the fact that the Little Girl Regenerated at the end of the episode “Day of the Moon”. in the episode “The Doctors Wife” Idris/The TARDIS/Sexy told Rory just before she died the “The only water in the forest is the River” which was a clue to River songs Identity and only solidified my theory.  What confirmed my theory was the Name that Amy had given her child in “A Good Man Goes to War”, she had called he daughter Melody, Melody Pond.
Melody is also a Song and if the only water in the forest is a River than there is no word for Pond and that would mean that River song is Melody Pond and there for Amy and Rory’s Daughter.
This was a clever and well thought through plot feature, and I do have to congratulatory Steven Moffat on this. he kept us all guessing right up to the end and there are still elements to River/Molody’s life that we have yet to find out.

The End of June and Beginning of July

So I am going to watch Glee Live on the 26th of June at the O2. I have never been to the O2, but I am really looking forward to it.

On the 9th July I am going to London Film and Comic Con at Earls Court 2. I am also really looking forward to this as there are a number of Actors/Actresses that I would love to meet there from the many shows that I have enjoyed over the years.



I recently Finished reading  Stargate Atlantis: Book #10 Nightfall, By James Swallow. This was a really good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have just started reading Stargate Atlantis: Book #17, Legacy Series book 2, The Lost, By Jo Graham & Amy Griswold. this is good so far but I am only a few chapters in.

I think that that is everything. I am going to sign off now.

Until next time, follow me on Twitter.


(life is suffering Russ)


It’s Not Irrational It’s Vashta Narada, Saved Her and Allons-Y

It’s Not Irrational

It’s Vashta Narada

Saved Her



The Forest Of The Dead

well now those answers were questioned and then re-examined and blown out of proportion and then they were SAVED! (ping)

CAL is the girl it was an acronym of her name Charlotte Abigail Lux.

Donna was saved by CAL and so was the others that were in the library and the girl was being saved by the moon of the library which was a doctor moon well a virus checker. ans so that will be why the logo is on the floor in the girls room was there as she is the library as i thought.

Professor River Song as i have gathered has stolen the gun that was jacks from the TARDIS and by the fact that she whispered the Doctors Real name in his ear only followed by a remark from the doctor near her death that there is only one time that he would tell her his real name and that no one knows his name, only for her reply of “Spoilers” says to me that she and the doctor have been intimate to the point of marriage and that would seen to fit with a reason as to why she knew his real name, but the fact that the doctor met her first at The Library and that is the last time that she will see him but not the last time that he will See her but the fact that the doctor used his sonic screwdriver to SAVE her and then used it to upload her in to the data banks of CAL is just genius.

the vashta narada were still not covered as meaning showing what they are but the fact of that it makes them Even more menacing and the fact that the spoors that they are made from are able to survive the pulping of the trees of there forest and start to take revenge (witch is a dish best served tepid, not hot nor cold but its that weird temperature that is between warn and cold and it is about body temperature which is a bout 37 Degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

so i will be looking out for those spoilers over the next week for the next episode and i hope that the vashta narada don’t get me in the mean time as i wont be too pleased.

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