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Stargate Universe: Air – Part 1 (Extended Version)


This Post will contain spoilers

I will start by stating that I have the DVD Boxset for Season 1 of SGU and as such I have an extended version of the Pilot episodes. As such I am going to be reviewing the extended version of Air with all 3 parts as one episode, unlike the original Syfy (America), Space (Canada) and Sky1 (United Kingdom) Broadcasts of parts one and two and then a week later part three. On the Syfy broadcast I know that parts one and two where shown as one episode and the Sky1 Broadcast they where shown as 2 separate episodes but shown back to back.

WRITTEN BY – Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper

DIRECTED BY – Andy Mikita

Air Part 1 – 101

SGU logo with The Destiny

Stargate Universe: SGU

The episode starts with a shot of a star field in deep space. There is then a visual effect and a ship drops out of some form of Hyperspace/FTL )Faster Than Light) jump. The ship moves closer to the camera and we can start to see damage on it as there a force fields covering the hull damage. We pass into the interior of the ship and start moving through the corridors, the ship seams to be waking up, lights are starting to turn on and systems start initiating, we then get to what appears to be the Gate room, it looks like an old gate, and judging by the state of the exterior of the ship and the look of the ship and systems the gate will predate that of its counterparts in the Milky Way Galaxy and the gate that was found in Antarctica (Stargate SG1, Season 1 Episode 7 “Solitudes” ), the gate activates and a lone person is thrown into the gateroom, this is one 1st Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith). Shortly after Scott arrives onto the ship boxes and people are thrown from the gate and there is a lot of panic and confusion ans they where expecting to go back to earth. There is also a comedic element to this as Eli Wallace (David Blue) is seen checking that he is still in one piece and is subsequently hit by a box that is thrown from the gate, I found this to be a nice touch to this scene. Near the end of the scene we see Dr Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) clime a set of steps to a balcony and look over all the people that have arrives as though he is some kind of King or authority figure. Shortly after this there is a build up of energy in the Stargate, it sounds like something bad is about to happen, then Colonel Everett Young (Louis Ferreira)is thrown clear across the Gateroom, Scott rushes over too him, Young is  injured, badly, and puts Lt. Scott in charge.  Young has a bad head wound, there was a considerable amount of blood on Scott hand. There is a large amount of panic in the room, no one knows much and the only one that knows anything, Dr Rush, is missing, Scott takes Eli to look for him. The ship then Jumps back into FTL and we get a Great line form Master Sgt. Ronald Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) “what in the hell was that?” the delivery of this line is what sells it.

The opening of the episode starts approximately a third of the way through the story, we don’t know what has happened to them, we know that something happened the other end as all of the people on the ship are covered in dust and debris. There is also a high amount of panic and fear in the people that have boarded the ship. It is a clever feature starting part way through and then going back and showing what has happened before this like this episode has done, by doing this you are thrown straight into the action and into the deep end like the characters as you have no idea what has just happened to them.

Solving the Dakara Weapons Puzzle

Prometheus (Stargate Worlds)

We are then taken to the start of the story, Back on earth, we see Eli playing a game on his computer and Video chatting with a Friend discussing the game, Little known fact the game that Eli is playing, in the episode it is called Prometheus (A call back to the 1st space ship created and seen in Season 6 of SG1 in the episode “Prometheus”) but what he is actually playing is a Preview of The Stargate MMORPG Stargate worlds (wasn’t released as Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment went Bankrupt before its release.) and the puzzle that Eli says that he has solved is the “Dakara Weapons Puzzle” (this is a call back to SG1 again but its 8th season episode Reckoning Part 2). Eli inputs the data to channel the device to use the core of the planet as the power source and the level then resets and Eli’s friend signs off and Eli gives up. The following morning there is a knock at the door and Eli discovers Lt. General Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) on the door step. O’Neill then signals and he is then joined by Dr Rush. Eli is informed that they are there because he “solved” the Dakara Weapons Puzzle and to do so he had to solve a millennia old Mathematical proof that was written in a defferant Language. Eli is then given a Non disclosure Agreement and he asks what happens if he doesn’t Sign and O’Neill says that “we’ll beam you up to our space ship”. this line is funny and proves not to be and empty threat as Eli is transported up to the U.S.S George Hammond, Samantha Carter’s (Amanda Tapping) Ship, and is then taken to a Planet 21 Light Years away. Eli’s mother is not well and the Air Force is going to pay for her medical care whilst he is away. The Hammond leaves orbit and jumps into Hyper space. Eli is put into a room and given hours of videos to watch, each video is hosted by Dr Daniel Jackson (Michel Shanks) and each one is on a specific topic, like Icarus and the 9th Chevron, The stargate its self, hyperspace and a number of others. On the way to Icarus Eli is talking to his mother (Glynis Davies) this is an emotional scene. Eli is then in the canteen on the Hammond and he then meats Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque). and we learn that Eli was at MIT.

Back on the ship Eli notices the Ancient writing on a door, he then opens the door and finds Rush on an observation deck and they discover that they are on a ship. In the gate room an Air Vent shuts down and eli notes that the air is getting then.

We Next see Young in a memory talking to a woman who is his Wife, Young then collapses and he is then back on the ship and he has a seizure. 1st Lt. Tamara “TJ” Johansen (Alaina Huffman) is tending to him.

The Beam Down

The Beam Down

The Hammond Drops out of Hyperspace at Icarus and we then see 1st Lt. Scott in a Broom closet having Sex with 2nd Lt. Vanessa James (Julia Benson). This was a controversial scene as it was (to my knowledge) the 1st Sex scene is the whole of the Stargate franchise, also Part 1 of Air was broadcast from 8PM to 9PM on sky1 it was before the watershed I believe that it was actually cut out of the UK version until the post-watershed repeats. This scene was needed to show that it is a much more Adult themed show. Scott is then called away by Young as the Hammond had arrived early. Eli, Chloe, Rush and  Senator Alan Armstrong ( Christopher McDonald) are beamed down to the surface and are greeted by Colonel Young. Eli takes a picture of a Rail Gun. (this is an important thing to note as it shows Eli’s need to capture/document what is happening as we will see later on in the episode and it future episodes.)  They are then taken into the base and we see the 1st of the added/Extended Scenes. This one was an added one and they are walking through the corridors and the senator comments that they could save money by turning the heat down and Young says that the money id going to the cooling of the base and rush says that the heat is generated by the energy in the core of the planet. Eli and Scott are discussing  the claustrophobic conditions of the base and Eli asks why they cant do this on the surface, and Scott says that it is too dangerous that there are Dinosaurs on the planet, this is a Joke and it was a comical place to put one. (I will state that I have read the Fandemonium book Air by James Swallow and this was one of the extra scenes in that and I did have a little chuckle when I read that.) We are then in the Icarus Gateroom and Eli asks why they came by ship because Icarus has a Stargate, and the Gate on Icarus has been Modified to only dial out and it is too dangerous. Eli Learns that the proof that he solved Rush has been trying to solve for months. Senator Armstrong is being introduced to the personnel at Icarus and the last one to be introduced is Colonel Davis Telford (Lou Diamond Philips) . Rush then attempts to dial the 9Chevron address with Eli’s Solution and they get further than the previous attempts but it is a non successful attempt also. Rush thinks that it is Eli’s solution that is the problem, Eli cant believe that Rush is pinning the blame onto him.

We then go back to the ship and the power then comes back on. Scott is trying to inform the people on the ship about what is going on, no one is paying him any attention and then Scott results to shouting, he is then given the attention that he was looking for and gives them all the facts. Senator Armstrong wants to get everyone back to earth via the Stargate but the life support issue takes priority. Scott tells them that “We are on a ship but we have no idea where we are in relation to Earth.” He then takes Adam Brody (Peter Kelamis) and Lisa Park (Jennifer Spence) with him to Dr Rush, Scott tells everyone to Stay put.

Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle)

Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle)

Back on Icarus Rush and Eli are working on the Proof, Rush is still using Whiteboards and Eli comments on this by mentioning the amount of computers, Rush then goes to start again and wipes the proof off of the white board and Eli starts saying “Save”, this is in my opinion a funny line as it shows that it cant be saved (in the electronic seance which is what Eli is going for) because Rush is determined to start over. Young takes Eli to the Mess for dinner, Rush is opposed to this but Young is adamant.

In the mess there is an extended scene, it starts with Eli talking about Pizza (Four Cheese) and then Chloe asks Telford what it is like going through the Stargate, He explains and then describes going through the atmosphere in an F-302, Chloe then asks if it is possibly for here to be taken up in one, then Eli asks about the 9chevron address and Telford says that “The Ancients built the gates with 9 chevrons, it got to go somewhere” Next to Eli at the table is Dr. Sonja Damji (Agam Darshi (Kate Freelander in Sanctuary) she is only seen in this episode. Rush is still working of the Proof and has started again, he is getting frustrated, he then goes to the Kitchen to see what Eli is upto, Chloe thinks that Eli will solve the problem and Eli calls himself “Math-boy” a nickname that he would later regret giving himself. Senator Armstrong announces a Toast and Eli thinks its about you, his reaction to being told that its not is priceless, he reminds me of myself a little in that moment as that is how I would react in that situation. Chloe is enbaressed by the toast. Ruch goes to his quarters and starts playing some music, he then takes out a picture of himself with a woman, his late wife Gloria Rush (Louise Lombard (She only appears in the photo in this episode but she is in the episode “Human”)). the combination of the music and the photo makes Rush cry, this is an important beat, it shows that he dose have a kind and compassionate side. During the toast Chloe starts to dunk, and then interrupts her farther. then there is a dull “Boom” and the base shakes.  There is a second but much louder and Young announces that the base is under attack.

Back on the ship Greer and Scott are running to a compartment where Rush and Eli are arguing about the Life Support, Eli thinks that Rush is going to kill them, Greer instinctively raises his gun and aims at Rush. Icarus – Greer is in Detention, Young releases him and tells him to take his anger out on the people attacking the base. We see 3 Ha’Tak Ships in orbit of Icarus and they are attacking the planet. The Hammond positions herself between them and the plannet and we hear Rush Ask Carter who it is and asks is it the Lucian Alliance (A call back to a number of SG1 episodes) Carter believes that it is the Alliance even though they didn’t identify themselves. Telford is in a F-302 and is going to defend the base. Ship – Rush still wants to bush the button and Scott orders Greer to Lower his weapon, Greer dose and Rush pushes the button, It did nothing, Rush then walks away.

We then see a scene back on Icarus, befor the attack between TJ and Camile Wray (Ming Na) the IOA (International Oversight Advisory) Representative on Icarus. They are discussing TJ leaving for a Scholarship.

The Alliance is decending on Icarus and the Base opens fire. Sgt. Hunter Riley (Haig Sutherland)  informs Rush that there is a build up of energy in the core.  Rush wants to dial the 9th chevron in a last ditch attempt, This shows that he is determined. he informs Eli that the bombardment could overload the core and the planet could explode. Eli thinks that it is not a power issue but is the address.  Telford os having trouble holding them back. A death-glider is hit and is on a colision course with the base, Young orders Riley to dial earth. the entrance is hit by the glider seconds after Young is inside, this seams a little too convenient and Young should have been more badly injured buy this. Eli and Rush are then discussing the Address and Eli says that the Address might be a code as the Symbols on the gate are those seen from Earth, so the Point of Origin needs to be earth. Rush makes Rily move from the dialing computer and he aborts the dial to earth.  there is alot of panic in the corridors and the Non-com personnell are being escorted to the gate room. the roof collapses traping Senator armstrong. Extended scene – Greer is seen cariying Dr Sims (Jim K. Chan) and he gives Sims to TJ, she is only a medic, Sims was teh Senior Medical officer on Icarus, he has a bad neck wound, and looks to be losing alot of blood. Greer then bumps into Young and they are discussing a Pull back, Greer is against this idea and wants to carry on fighting, Young then orders him to help Scott with the cave in. Young then sees TJ trying to save Sims.  Young makes her leave him as he is too far gone for her to save.  Rush is dialing the 9chevron address with the Earth Point of Origin, the Gate activates and there is massive build up of energy in the planet, Carter recalls her fighters for an evacuation. Eli informs Young that they didn’t dial earth but the 9 chevron address, Young is annoyed at this but Eli says that “It can’t be worse than here can it?” as the gate cant be closed down. Young tels wevery one to stay put and wait, he then leaves them.

Star Map

Holographic Star Map of The Ships Journey

On the ship Rush pulls up a visual log of the ships Journey. they mote that is started on Earth and then left the Galaxy, Brody notes that it went through Pegasus (the home of Atlantis) and we see it pass through more and more Galaxy’s, the ship has been on a very long journey.  Scott asked where they are, and Rush replied “Several Billion light years from home.”

Icarus- Scott is trying to clear the rubble. Greer and young arrive with C-4. Young orders Scott to lead the Evacuation and to make sure that they take as much of the Expedition gear as possible as that aren’t going back to Earth.  Scott tells everyone to follow on a 3 count, he then walks through the gate and everyone follows with the equipment. Greer detonates the C-4 and they save the trapped people. it is a nice touch that Eli holds his breath before entering the gate. Young cant contact the Hammond, She has either gone or there is too much interfearance. every one is through the gate and Young id Getting a Box from the left expadition gear. Young is the last to go through the gate. As he is running there is an explosion and he is thrown through the gate. we then see the Planet explode taking out the Ha’Tak ships.

Destruction of Icarus

Destruction of Icarus

Earth – Washington D.C. – O’Neill is informs by Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman (Gary Jones) that Carter is on the line. Carter tells O’Neill that the planet was destroyed along with the enemy ships. Carter has 12 casualties and there is 80+ MIA (Missing in Action). She asks how many made it through to Earth, O’Neill informs her that none did. They wonder where they went as the Gate was open for 6 Minutes.

This was a great 1st part to the pilot. There was the right balance of action and mystery that keeps you going, The jumping for the post-evacuation of Icarus and the pre-evacuation was a good plot device and you get to see all of the story and you have to watch to keep up and for it to make scene. In this part we a re introduced to the Characters and they are  put in jeopardy, On the ship they are running out of (Like the title indicates) Air but on Icarus they were under attack.


(“Maybe we are not supposed to be hear” – Eli Wallace)


My life is boring

So I haven’t updated my blog for a while, I really haven’t been up to much to warrant a blog post.

I am however going to attempt to make one.

Doctor Who


The 11th Doctors TARDIS

So last week the Mid-Season finale of season 6 of Doctor who was aired on BBC One (A Good Man Goes to War).

Going into the episode I knew two things:

  1. We would find out who River Song is.
  2. The Doctor would rescue Amy Pond.
Also going into the episode I had, from previous episodes, expected:
  1. We would find out Who River Song had Killed.
    • In “Flesh and Stone” back in season 5 Farther Octavian stated that River Song was a prisoner because she killed a man; a good man.
    • River song had also stated that the man she murdered was the best man she’d ever known.
    • The Title “A Good Man Goes to War gave me the impression that we would find out who this is.
But this theory however was proven to be false.
We did find out who River song was and it was one of the theories that I have been working on since the start of the season. In “Day of the Moon” the second episode we see a picture of Amy holding a baby, presumably the baby that she had told The Doctor that she was pregnant with at the end of the previous episode “The impossible Astronaut” and that this baby is the Little Girl that was in the Space Suite. Then there was the fact that the Little Girl Regenerated at the end of the episode “Day of the Moon”. in the episode “The Doctors Wife” Idris/The TARDIS/Sexy told Rory just before she died the “The only water in the forest is the River” which was a clue to River songs Identity and only solidified my theory.  What confirmed my theory was the Name that Amy had given her child in “A Good Man Goes to War”, she had called he daughter Melody, Melody Pond.
Melody is also a Song and if the only water in the forest is a River than there is no word for Pond and that would mean that River song is Melody Pond and there for Amy and Rory’s Daughter.
This was a clever and well thought through plot feature, and I do have to congratulatory Steven Moffat on this. he kept us all guessing right up to the end and there are still elements to River/Molody’s life that we have yet to find out.

The End of June and Beginning of July

So I am going to watch Glee Live on the 26th of June at the O2. I have never been to the O2, but I am really looking forward to it.

On the 9th July I am going to London Film and Comic Con at Earls Court 2. I am also really looking forward to this as there are a number of Actors/Actresses that I would love to meet there from the many shows that I have enjoyed over the years.



I recently Finished reading  Stargate Atlantis: Book #10 Nightfall, By James Swallow. This was a really good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have just started reading Stargate Atlantis: Book #17, Legacy Series book 2, The Lost, By Jo Graham & Amy Griswold. this is good so far but I am only a few chapters in.

I think that that is everything. I am going to sign off now.

Until next time, follow me on Twitter.


(life is suffering Russ)


Good News/Bad News

Well I am not the luckiest of people but over the recent weeks that has seemed obvious but good things do happen every so often.

Signed 2009 Vancouver Stargate Convention Poster

Signed by Michel Shanks

Back in January I turned 20 and in the last post I mentioned that I got a new phone, one thing that I didn’t mention is that I got a Hand Signed poster from the 2009 Stargate Convention held in Vancouver in Canada, and it is signed by none other than Michel Shanks (Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1)

I need to get a Frame for it so that it wont get damaged and so that it can hang on my wall with the picture I got for Christmas.

Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming

Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming

Over the last few weeks I have been reading the first book in the Stargate Atlantis Legacy Series from Fandemonium. As it suggests it is set after the events of Season 5 episode 20 ‘Enemy at the Gate’ of Stargate Atlantis. There was a film planned to continue the story of Stargate Atlantis called ‘Stargate: Extinction’ but due to the financial trouble that MGM have been in it has been shelved Indefinitely, Hear is a link to the story over at GateWorld. This is a Great way to continue the show and I am really looking forward to the next book in the Series ‘The Lost’.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome has started filming in Vancouver which is good news and I am interested in where this show is going to go as it is following a teenage Bill ‘Husker’ Adama (Luke Pasqualino) on-board the Galactica and his commanding officer Coker Fasjovik (Ben Cotton). As it is filmed like Sanctuary, mostly on Green Screen, it is set to look good as they are using scans of the old Galactica set and modified them so that the ship looks Brand New rather than falling apart.

"You Are Hear."

"You Are Hear."

In December I won a T-Shirt from @SyFy. As it was posted so close to Christmas and it was coming from New York I only got it at the beginning of the month. I have to say that it is worth the wait though as it is one of my new Favorite t-shirts. Its odd seeing as I have started to opt for Shirt and Ties more now.

In other news I have joined I was thinking about joining for a while but I never had the time to do it but the other week they had people in the Pentagon in Chatham. They had a Deal going for 2 months for the price of one so I am paying £10 for 2 months worth of unlimited rentals which is pretty good I have to say.

Well I think that that is all for now, there will be more updates soon, I will make time to blog more often. So untill next time you can follow my antics on Twitter.


(I like Glee)


When Will They Learn?

As people know I am a Sci-Fi fan and due to this I have been taken in by some of the big franchises like Star Trek, Stargate and the Re-Imagined series of Battlestar Galactica.

I was taken with Battlestar as it was on after Stargate Atlantis on Sky One so naturally I started watching Caprica as it was a Prequel to the show. Only the 1st 9 episodes have been Broadcast in the UK and in the US they stopped at episode 13 but in Canada they only have 2 episodes left.

Now I have really enjoyed the 1st and now to be only season of Caprica, but I think that it could have gone further as it was only in its 1st year it was still finding its feet and they are trying to put too much into what is left of the season.

There is now another prequel to Battlestar called Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. This is a Sanctuary style show as it is mainly on Green Screen. as far as I know it is set 10 years into the first CYLON war and is following Bill “Husker” Adama on the Battlestar known as Galactica. in comparison to the flagship show, the ship is brand new and at the beginning of it’s life.

This show was originally set to be a Web series such as how Sanctuary started but due to the cancellation of Caprica it has been given the green light for a TV show. This is starting to look like how Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe was handled, as though it was once axed so that the other can start and it just seames so unfair.

Like with Stargate Universe I will be giving Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome a watch as it is part of the Mythology of the show BSG and shows the start of the story of the ship that the show is named after like BSG shows the end of the story of the ship.

Caprica Season 1.5 is set to start in the new year on Sky1, the last 5 episodes are on in a 5 hour Marathon on SyFy on the 4th of January in the US and the last 2 episodes are on Space in Canada on Tuesday 23rd and Tuesday 30th November.

Stargate Universe is on Tuesdays up until the 7th of December in the UK on Sky1, in the US it is on Tuesdays up until the 30th November and in Canada it is on Space on Fridays up until the 3rd of December (these dates are estimates and are subject to change)


(So say we all)


What Colour is Rain?

It has been sometime since I last updated my blog, there is a reason for this, for the last two weeks I have been without the internet.

I am back now so I will update you all on my life over the last 20 odd days.

I have started listening to the Soundtracks for Battlestar Galactica, Caprica and Stargate Atlantis. I have always liked the music from these shows and in my opinion it is the soundtrack that makes the show. I have also started listening to the band “Embassy” (they are the ones that were used in the Promo for SGU).

At the start of February I started to hear back from the University’s I have applied for.

I have a conditional Place for Uni of Wales, Newport and I have to attend an interview in April for Staffordshire Uni.

I have also been invited to Newport to have a visit to the Uni next week (17th February) or at the start of March (3rd March), there is only one problem with this, I don’t have the money to get to Wales at this short notice, I only got the letter today (10/02/2010) so I don’t know what to do.

I have a friend, and his name is Paul and he is a complete idiot, the other day (05/02/2010) it was snowing and he came out with the question “What colour is the Rain?”, to which he was greeted with a great deal of laughter and he then went back to work, later on as we were leaving college he walked into a door that said “Pull” he tried to push it, and it turns out that it was the 5th time he had done that, that day, I feel really sorry for Paul but this had to be bloged about as it was the most interesting thing that happened.

That is pretty much what has happened to me over the 20 odd days and I will be blogging soon, I promise.


(Why is it that I can be open and honest with people on the internet and I can’t with people that I know in real life?)


New Year, New Me

Hello there.

So it is now 2010 and this is my 1st blog post for this year.

Not much has happened so far for me but it is about to get a little bit manic as I go back to college tomorrow (04/01/2010) and I start 3 new units.

I am keeping with my Resolutions, hence this blog post. Yesterday I had a bit of a bike ride into Chatham and I cycled back (that was the killer). I may have a ride around tomorrow or I may have a walk.

I watched Avatar online last night and that is one hell of a good film, I had a small problem with it though as the Subtitles were in German and I have little knowledge of that language but I hope to change that, but I may have to pay to see it in the Cinema in 3D as it is that good.

Every Christmas I get a calender and for the last 3 years (2007/08/09) I have been Recycling them and using the Images as posters, here is the 2009 Callender and in the Mirror you can see some from 2007 and 2008:

Stargate Atlantis Calender 2009

I am Still trying to read Friends Like These by Danny Wallace but I have just not had the enthusiasm to read at the moment but I have been watching Season 5 of CSI:NY which I borrowed from the Library, and listening to the CDs I bought at Bluewater.

I have found that I have started to be come Nocturnal which is going to be fun for Monday as I have to be up early as I start at 09:30.

I am signing off now and i may Blog tomorrow but it is unlikley but I will post soon as it is a New Years Resolution.

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(I have a big Secret, can you guess what it is?)


Updating, updating, updating

Hello there everyone it has been a bit since I posted an update on this blog (other than a review) and I thought that I should.

First of all can I say a thank you to everyone that has visited my blog since the start of the month, I find it quite interesting as to how people have been finding me on the web. over the last couple of weeks it has been search terms relating to Stargate Universe like, “stargate universe destiny” and “stargate universe whiteboard” but amongst the best there was “stargate universe sex scene”, this is one of those things that i can’t make up i have had people here looking for “Photos of David Hewlett”, “red nose day”, “stargate ships comparison chart”, “pictures of Elyse Levesque” and there are lots of other so thank you and keep all of your different searches coming I like to see the weird ways that people arrive at my blog.

SG-U Stargate Universe

SG-U Stargate Universe

I have been enjoying the start of Stargate Universe and I am liking the new season of Sanctuary. I will be reviewing both of them on this blog, SGU is being done and I will be starting the sanctuary ones at the weekend and there will one for each part of “End of Nights”.

College has been going well over the last month, we have a boring tutor and one of our tutors has left due to stress (this is based on information i received this morning), we only have another few days left and then we are off for a week.

Lost seasons 1-3

Lost seasons 1-3

I have now got nearly all of Stargate SG1 on DVD, I am missing episodes 220 – Show and Tell, 917 – The Scourge, 918 – Arther’s Mantle, 919 – Crusade and 920 – Camelot (ptI) and I am missing season 10, I have now got seasons 1-3 of LOST and I have worked my way through them and I only have 2/3 of season 3 left to go.

I have been updating my website over the last couple of days and the changes are live here, also I changed the header to this blog.

Sanctyary Season 1 Boxset

Sanctuary Season 1 Boxset

Last week I managed to purchase sanctuary season 1 and one of the discs didn’t working properly, actually it was the 1st disc just after the 2nd episode so that was rather annoying but I took it back and they refunded the money and are going to hold another copy of it when it comes in again so I can’t really complain.

I think that is everything for now I am still using Twitter so follow me if you like.


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