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Red Nose Day 2009 – Update 2

We now have a route, yay, so now I know that the distance that I will be going is 26.9 Miles.

We will be going in a nice circle witch makes it easy and there will be stops for food and drink and this is when i will be updating the Twitter.

I will also be taking Photos and these will be posted on twitpic and on this blog the day after we complete the Cycle.

I will have a sign on my back whilst I am doing the event and it will say that I am doing this for Comic Reliefe but i still have to create this so that will be work for tomorrow.

One last thing I have created a Group on Facebook and I currently have 2 memberds and one is me.


(Just admit it We are Lost)


David Hewlett For The Role of The Next Doctor

Dr Meradith Rodney McKay (Stargate Atlantis)



David Hewlett as Dr Rodney McKay





David Hewlett (stargate Atlantis) has said in many interviews that he has been a big Doctor Who fan and like David Tennant it has been a life long dream to play the role of The Doctor.

with the sudden of David Tennant it will then leave a gap in the show that not that many will be able to fill but i have the utmost confidence in David Hewlett to fill the, to be quite honest, big shoes of the Timelord.

David Hewlett’s part in Stargate Atlantis needs him to be able to speak at a very fast pace, also the character of Rodney McKay needs to be able to use Techno-babble, but the most important bit of McKay is that he has to do them both at the same time.

Carter Vs McKay

Here is an example of the abilities of David Hewlett with the reading of a page of technobabble at speed and not tripping over the lines or getting confused.


David Hawlett with The TARDIS

David Hawlett with The TARDIS



David Hewlett and Jewel Staite

David Hewlett and Jewel Staite



Now if you want to join this campain there are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. there is a facebook Group, infact there is 2
  2. Write to the BBC
  3. Email the BBC 
  4. pertitions 
  5. and showing your support on Davids website

I do beleve that David Hewlett will make a blinding replacement for David Tennant. If not i will eat my TARDIS!!!!!!




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